Boracay Vows

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Boracay Vows

Carpe Diem Chronicles Book 1

In "Boracay Vows" you get destination travel along with a sweet and spicy romance. Are you ready to take a vacation and visit the island of Boracay in the Philippines? Well I hope so. It's a wonderful place to go to just relax and think about the future.

Between the pages of this fun romance we have Krista Lopez and Blake Ryan. Krista is a local to the Philippines and Blake is a transplant. Blake and Krista work at the same company and have vastly different places in the hierarchy. Krista has been lusting after Blake for some time, but knows there isn't a chance at a future with him. Her mother wouldn't approve of her being with an American and Blake is just unobtainable. I really loved both Krista and Blake. Neither one got on my nerves. Yay!

Krista is on the island as she's turning 30. Her friends have hooked her up with a vacation and it's her job to do something that will change her life during this period of change. Her friends are wonderful and I expect we will see them all in future books. One of the group died very early with regrets that she didn't do more. Now the girls have banded together in their friends memory to make sure they don't make the same mistake. Near their 30th birthday they have to do something life changing. Oh my, Krista really takes up the challenge.

I loved how author Maida Malby brought the location and their relationship to life. Readers get a beautiful experience between the pages of "Boracay Vows". I highly recommend this book to contemporary romance readers who are ready to take an armchair travel adventure.

Last but not least, the food. Thought this book you get introduced to island specialties from the Philippines. And oh my, you will be dreaming of trying some of the dishes yourself. Yummy!

Book Blurb for Boracay Vows

They plan to seize the day

Demure and career-driven, Krista Lopez is almost thirty, yet she has never been kissed. Her friends conspire to help fulfill her Turning-Thirty Vow—the promise to do something life-changing in celebration of this milestone birthday—with the help of a sexy makeover and a one-week stay in Perlas, a posh resort in the island paradise of Boracay, Philippines.

Not-so-coincidentally, Blake Ryan, Krista’s Irish-American hunk of a boss is vacationing in the same resort at the same time. The CEO has seen through her armor of conservative simplicity to the sensual woman underneath. Setting aside his rule not to become personally involved with his employees, Blake plans a seduction to make Krista his, but only while they are in Boracay.

But what about a lifetime?

Krista and Blake seize the opportunity to have a scorching affair away from the prying eyes of their colleagues. Far away from family’s judgement and disapproval. All too soon their week is over, and they must decide whether they will end their fling, or say Carpe Diem to the love of a lifetime.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 4.50