Beyond the Looking Glass

If you always thought those fairytales were too tame or were missing something this is the book for you. Beyond the Looking Glass is compilation of four short stories and each is a new look at an old fairytale you will probably remember from your childhood. What you get in Beyond the Looking Glass is a full scrumptious feast and a whole lot of twists. You will never think of those fairytales the same.

The first story is When Evil Rises. This is a retelling of Snow White. The evil queen is now dead, but is that really what's good for the kingdom and it's people? Snow White is not the cute darling that you remember, but a vampire and her lover a werewolf. After killing the queen the people of the kingdom start becoming her snacks. Something must be done to stop the reign of Snow Whites terror.

In Rhed Riding Wolf we have Rhed and her grandma dies. Rhed is left a very special book. Her grandma was not just any old grandma, but was also a witch. Ten years in the past Rhed saw something in the forest and she soon finds the beasts description in the book. The beast makes Rhed hot and bothered. Soon she has a visitor who makes her very happy and a wolfy all her own. This story was my favorite out of the four shorts.

Next up was Charming in Chains. When Brietta looses her glass slipper, as she flees the prince's castle, she never expects to see the slipper or the prince again. Many centuries later Brietta is working in a BDSM club and low and behold her prince has found her. I guess it's better late than never. True love beaches time with the help of the vampire curse.

Last up was Alice in Wonderland. When Alice was a young girl she loved her daddy, while her mom was a real nasty woman. When her daddy dies she becomes even more closed off from the world and very reserved. When Alice grows up she can hardly function when it comes to relationships. With the help of her boss and friends Alice is introduced to an erotic club that many at the office staff frequent. Soon Alice is in her element and a submissive to her master. Just watch as Alice comes out to play.

Overall this series was a real delightful and fun read that had me always wondering what next A.P. Miller would come up with. From wolves to vampires and BDSM and glass slippers this book was a real winner. So, if you liker variety and lots of twists on old tales pick this one up for a fun night of decadent pleasures.


Excerpt From AP Miller

She was finally dead.

The snowflakes fell like little white feathers from the sky, capping the mountain tops. She sat beside her window, framed in burgundy and black damask drapery. The new Queen stared at the descending crystals, a serene smile fanned across her lips. She drew the glass from the evening tray toward her mouth, swallowing the warm red liquid.

She would hunger no more. Never have to run and hide. Her protection would lay within the boundaries of the vast forest to insure her safety. The full moon illuminated the starry night sky. Silver wisps over midnight blue clouds floated freely like flowing cotton.

Just beyond the tree-lined entrance of the castle, she heard the heavy, frightened rustle of a large animal in the underbrush and the roaring sounds of the hideous, evil laughter from the seven little hounds of hell while they continued their chase. "Run my little children," she whispered against the glass before turning away.

Snow White lifted the Queen's arm from the floor once more filling her glass. "Well stepmother, if you loved me more than yourself, this never would have happened. But surely, more's the pity. . . because you did deserve this."

She allowed the cold lifeless arm to fall to the floor with a thud, leaving her in the very same stiffened position while she laughed. "Now who is the fairest of them all, Mother?" She glanced up to where the magic mirror should have been and frowned bitterly. "You treated me like an animal and that's

Book Blurb for Beyond the Looking Glass

What happens when Walt Disney meets the Brothers Grimm in a series of twisted, dark, horror-filled fairy tales in a world of Vampires, Werewolves, Goblins and the Gnome King.

In the dark forest Rhed Riding Hood finds her way to Granny's house. Years later her passion is awakened by something so dark and sinister that no form of witchcraft can ever prevent. Prince Charming's Princess is thrown to the ground as her once elegant coach turns into a pumpkin and becomes surrounded by mice at the stroke of midnight. Suddenly Charming isn't so charming any longer.

Snow White is sent into the woods to be put to death, but the woodsman has other ideas, and the pure step daughter is thrown into a realm where even evil itself cannot touch her, but becomes her.

Beyond the Looking Glass finds Alice set in an underground world she would never expect through the very nature of it, which forces her to find her way back through Wonderland with the help of the Cheshire cat.

Will you take a look thru the glass to see what pops out?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00