Beneath the Skin

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Beneath the Skin

The Darkwing Chronicles, Book Three

Beneath The Skin, the third book in the Darkwing Series was an intense ride through vampirism, black ops, government, and relationships. Combine Alias, vampires, and Mission Impossible and you have Team Darkwing. They are a team of vampires that have to work for the government or be exterminated. They have only two choices death or protect the American people.

You will want to read this series in order, but you can read books three after reading book one. Book one, Beyond the Pale, fills you in on the master details of the series. The main character of the books is Daphanie. In this book you find out a bit more about her family. She has a vampire mother, who knows how old she is, that has a free spirit and strong will. Daphanie's father is an enigma. He was Pope for a short time and then is lost in history. Daphanie's mom will not talk about him, but more is revealed about this situation in this book.

The main theme of book three is to find and stop an assassination. The team has been told that an assassination attempt will take place and that they must stop it. They are also told that a man named Cage will do the assassination, but no one knows who this man is. Cage has done many assassinations and is almost unstoppable. How will Team Darkwing find Cage and stop him?

Along with doing her job, Daphanie also has relationship problems. Who should she date, trust, and have a future with. Is there anyone who is a perfect fit for Daph?

Ms. Russe does a great job of combining the intriguing black ops world with the vampire underworld. Team Darkwing takes on a whole new depth in book three and Ms. Russe succeeds in setting up the scene for future books. Beneath the Skin provide action, suspense, and intriguing. In Beneath the Skin you experience a wonderful world of dark and intense passions.

Book Blurb for Beneath the Skin

No one can tell that Daphne Urban is a vampire. But the government knows-and she's been recruited to spy for them. To get over a recent break-up, Daphne must throw herself into her work, joining her colleagues to chase down a ruthless enemy. Mysterious, cruel, and unstoppable, this assassin is dead-set on killing a certain presidential candidate. Now Team Darkwing has to find him before it's too late. But soon, Daphne finds herself drawn back into the life she once rejected: a secret vampire underworld, where all pleasures-like human blood-can be found.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.00