Behind the Masque

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Celebrate a good cause, get a great book and donate to You can do all of these things by purchasing Behind the Masque. There are four stories, each by different authors. The four couples all are attending a gala to help support breast cancer research. They don't now each other or even have much to do with each other, but they all are in for a wild and spicy night. Each finds a special partner to make the gala very memorable. Some have paranormal themes, bondage and there is one f/f. So, no matter what genre's you like you will find at least one that will fulfill your needs.

Fiona Jade wrote the story Amethyst Moon. Gia a jewel thief is on the tail of the man called the Shadow. She now knows who he is and he makes her hot. Scott Bastian used to be the Shadow, but now is on the strait and narrow. He protects the rich from people like Gia. Prior to the gala Gia broke into Scott's safe and low and behold she has a prize to lure him to her. Is it the magic of the stone that is drawing Scott to Gia or is it her special charm? Amethyst Moon was a hot piece that will have you looking for more by this author. Bring a fan.

Once Bitten by Cyan Bell has a touch of paranormal. Anna has been invited to the gala via an invitation in her letterbox. She asks the attendant if she knows whom the invitation was from. All the lady was able to say is that Anna would not be disappointed. Who has invited Anna? Anna also has a secret. She has an inner beast that wants to be caressed and it also wants out. Behind the mask Anna is able to be the woman she wants to be - mysterious, sexy and a go-getter. She has plans for her admire and it involves more than just a few kisses. Will he be able to handle her inner beast? Cyan Bell wrote a cute sexy and oh so hot story that will have you wanting more.

By Remote Chance is about a woman and man who thought they would never see each other again and are now working for the same company. They both want a huge design contract. Elaine likes to have control of her life, but Thomas makes a deal with her. If he wins she will submit to him. Who wins this bet of chance? By Remote Chance was a fun story that was hot, sensual and oh so good. Sensuality at its height!

Vapor by Sheri Livingston is a f/f erotica romance. Since I don't review f/f erotica I've not included a review for this story. If you do read f/f I'm sure this one will also be just what you're looking for since the rest of this book has been right up my ally.

Overall I really enjoyed this anthology and have found some new authors to enjoy. Readers will be thrilled that the book delivers on the stories and also supports cancer research. Way to go ladies you really spiced up my night with this wonderful collection.

Book Blurb for Behind the Masque

Amethyst Moon by Fiona Jayde

Two jewel thieves caught in a web of lust and gypsy magic must find a way to trust their hearts.

Once Bitten... by Cyan Bell

Anna Le Boutillier hides a secret. Derik Harrison conceals mysteries of his own. One ball will reveal their passion. One bite will release them both.

By Remote Chance by Taylor Voltaire

You know what happens when you assume, but Elaine and Thomas have much to learn. Perception isn't always reality.especially when life's lived behind a masque.

Vapor By Sheri Livingston

Tainted love and payback in a black satin tux? Ashley deserves nothing less, according to Vic, the unwilling star of her latest erotic best seller.

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Content: Erotic Romance

This title contains explicit language, bondage, and graphic sex

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.25