Any Witch Way Caf‚

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Any Witch Way Caf‚

The Sleeper 1

Christine Douglas, a witch, is the owner of a funky caf‚ that has taken her small city by storm. She is working long hours, but is supper happy that she is doing so well. Her caf‚ is decorated with funky art and family mementos. Her caf‚ is a special place and seems to have a presence. As Christine has tried every spell she can and even some her parents have sent her, but alas the entity will not speak or go away. One night Nina wakes in the middle of the night as here phantom is sexually pleasing her.

Falcon, a sleeper has woken and he doesn't know why. Typically he only wakes when he has a job to do, saving the world or taking out some demons. This time no job seems to be apparent. Normally he only wakes for a few days does a job and then goes back to sleep for many many years.

As, Falcon figures out why he was woken he gets to know Christine and develops deep feelings for her. Will this Sleeper go back to sleep or find love in the world of the awake?

Any Witch Way Caf‚ was super fun and sexy. I would recommend it for anyone who loves a bit of paranormal in their stories. I loved the characters to death. Christine was a wonderfully spirited and vivacious witch and Falcon was a caring and dominate male Sleeper. Every girl needs her own Sleeper to wake up and be there for her. I can't wait to read the next story in this series. This was the first book in the Sleeper series and I'm ready for another. I'm thinking Christine's sister might be next!

Book Blurb for Any Witch Way Caf‚

Christine Douglas is your average, run of the mill witch, just trying to eke out a living through her small coffee shop. With the exception of a little family drama, she's the first to admit that her life was pretty ordinary. Well, if you call having a voyeuristic spirit lurking about normal.

Twelve hundred years is a long time to be alone, unless you are Falcon Dragoon. His kind enjoy the solitude of their existence, preferred their own company to the illogical and irrational activities of earth's other inhabitants. If it were up to him he'd have remained in stasis another twelve hundred years. Fortunately for him an eccentric little witch did the impossible. She awoke a Sleeper.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.75