Animals Night & Day Coloring Book

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Animals Night & Day Coloring Book

Amazing Animals to Bring to Life

Colorists looking for fun with intricate designs will enjoy this animal based coloring book. The "Night & Day" theme is in reference to the background of each coloring page. The background colors include white, cream, tan, navy, brown and black.

This book is best colored with colored pencils as the images are back to back.

The images are very defined with lots of shapes. The eyes on each of the animals really draw the eye and make you feel like they are coming off the page and are fierce or kind.

I really love the use of gold leaf throughout the drawings. This added touch will make these colorings extra unique.

An added bonus with this book are the easily ripped out pages.

I'm looking forward to really getting in deep with this coloring book. I'll be sure to share on Twitter. Find us at @NightOwlReviews

Book Blurb for Animals Night & Day Coloring Book

Let your imagination run wild with this stylish and sophisticated adult coloring book that takes you on a glorious exploration of creatures big and small. Colorists the world over will be delighted by Animals Night & Day Coloring Book, which features a unique mixture of three color backgrounds (with colors that include black, gold, or blue) that help enrich different environments, color palettes, textures, and the artistic look of each animal pattern. This first-of-its-kind "night and day" approach allows each intricate design to take on a life of its own. With over 90 beautiful, complex images to explore and enhance, this gorgeous coloring book will take you on a mindfulness journey that will decrease stress, increase creativity, and take you deep into the heart of the natural world. Get ready to create your own vibrant masterpieces of glorious beasts and creatures from the animal kingdom, including the owl, horse, eagle, monkey, tiger, elephant, wolf, fox, lion, koala bear, and so much more.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00