Angel Unleashed

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom pulls readers in with an imaginative take on angels and vampire hunters. After seeing so many paranormal romances that don't take things to another level this book was refreshing as it was a totally new concept and the characters types were outside the typical paranormal box. That's a real win for an over 20 year PNR veteran.

Rhys de Troyes is an immortal Blood Knight. He's one of the grail knights. He's been tasked with killing evil vampires and keeping the grail safe. Centuries ago he was turned from a human to something more. He's immortal and has fangs...but he doesn't drink blood. His creators are a bit of a mystery that gets unraveled in this book.

Our feisty heroine is Avery the wingless angel. She has to keep to the shadows and is tasked with finding the grail. She needs to get her wings back and return the grail to safety. From the moment Rhys sees Avery he is hooked on finding out what she is. She's not shouting it to the world that she's an angel and without the wings it's hard to tell what she is.

Rhys and Avery both have goals and they are not the same. It was wonderful watching these two characters play off each other and dig deeper into each others pasts.

Readers of "Angel Unleashed" should expect a fun and gritty tale with wing tattoos.

Book Blurb for Angel Unleashed

A fine line between vengeance and desire… 

As an immortal Blood Knight, Rhys de Troyes is familiar with quests. It's obvious that the ethereal beauty who just arrived in London is on one of her own. But Avery Arcadia Quinn seems intent on keeping her secrets, even as Rhys strips away all her defenses. 

A grounded angel, Avery seeks to recover the wings stolen from her centuries ago when the Knights were created from her suffering and pain. She swore vengeance, but her burning connection with Rhys threatens to consume her anger, her mission…and even her vow to destroy him.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.50