ARBI and the Fire Breathing Dragon

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ARBI and the Fire Breathing Dragon

ARBI and the Fire Breathing Dragon is a very cool children’s' book that merges story with augmented reality. Basically with the use of your phone you can make the pages viewable as 3D images.

This book / app combo explores a new horizon for children's books

What I found awesome were...

1. The app to go with the book was easy to find in the iPhone App store and it was easy to download and install.

2. The drawings in the book are done well and the characters are really cute and unique. The characters have expressions, even the dragon.

3. I absolutely loved the windmill motion in the app as it came to life in 3D. The 3D app art did bring the story to life.

4. The intro music was really enjoyable...I just wish it continued into the story.

5. The typeface was of a good size for both kids, parents and grandparents. The text was also not on the pictures, but was on an opposing page.

6. Language Choices. This book comes in a variety of languages. I got English for review. The English version is written very well even though English is not the creator’s native language.

Where the book fell short.

1. I felt not everything came together when the intro music ended when I clicked play. The music needs to continue though the book. (The author is working on this)

2. Pop-Up Ads. At the time of review the iPhone app had pop-up ads. But the author has assured me that these are going away. It could take a bit of time as Apple has to approve the app update.

3. There wasn’t an audible option to go along with the story. Something like this would be cool to give even more life to the characters. The author has said this is in the works.

Some technical problems with the app

1. For the app to work well you need a good amount of light. That's just how this technology works. If there isn't enough light you can't get the app to recognize the page and display the 3D active images.

2. Some of the characters in the app flickered

3. The dragon was a little too far up in the air at times. It made finding him hard and in some cases missed until I came back again and did a wider sweep.

4. If you move too far away the picture just disappears and the distance isn’t too far.

My overall rating is 4 Stars. It's a great first book and the author is learning along the way. What's cool about apps is that they can be improved and value added content make available to readers as time goes by. In time I believe this book / app combo can reach 5 stars . This technology in children’s books is way awesome and there is opportunity to try lots of new things and expand and explore the tech. Iker Burguera gets a thumbs up for exploring this and bringing something extraordinary to parents and children.

Book Blurb for ARBI and the Fire Breathing Dragon

ARBI and the Fire Breathing Dragon is not just a simple book, is an Augmented Reality Book. The Characters come alive with your Smartphone or Tablet!

The brave knight ARBI is asked by the people of his village to save them from a threatening fire-breathing dragon.

ARBI cannot do this on his own and enlists the help of three friends: SMARLOW the tortoise, AGICK the cat and SMELLIT the dog.

How can these four friends use their individual abilities and work together to help save the village and restore peace and harmony to the valley?

How will they defeat this dangerous foe?

Book recommended for 6-12 years old kids

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.00