A Bad Day for Pretty

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A Bad Day for Pretty

Looking for a quick murder mystery to enjoy this summer? Look no further than "A Bad Day for Pretty". You will slip into this book with ease as this midwestern sleuth takes care of business, while also checking out local Sheriff Goat Jones. Stella Hardesty is a woman who isn't afraid of men and she has taken it onto her shoulders to help other women get away from their abusive husbands. She is just the woman to go to if you are having problems with domestic disturbances and she even has the bruises to show it. But that’s all in a hard days work.

When a body shows up after a killer twister hits the town Stella is on the case. The body was un-earthed and found under the snack shack. How will Stella solves this case and get her man? Well things are not going to be easy and that man she wants could be a problem. His ex-wife turns out to be a not so ex. But Goat is just to fine a man got give up on.

Book Blurb for A Bad Day for Pretty

When a tornado unearths the mummified remains of a young woman at the Sawyer County Fairground, Stella Hardesty's old friend Nebuchadnezzar Donovan is accused of the murder. Stella sets out to prove his innocence—a task that would be a lot easier if he could remember whether or not he did it. Meanwhile, she might be more willing to help Sheriff Goat Jones' trashy ex-wife escape her abusive boyfriend, if only the woman wasn't trying so hard to steal Goat back.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00