Sugar and Spice

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Sugar and Spice

Karma Cafe, #1

A decadent blend of love and magic with a topping of fantasies coming true!

Sugar & Spice is a wonderfully written contemporary romance with a sprinkle of magic that sets love on its course to finding happily-ever-afters. In this story it’s Dedra Hanson’s turn to see what the cards hold for her. To see if her fantasies about her soon to be former boss, Paul Chastain, can be as wild and steamy as her imagination has painted. And at the center of all the magic is Karma Café and the three Karmanski women-three generations of gypsy ladies with a penchant for magic- working together to hold onto their family business. And as luck would have it Anja Karmanski has a touch of magic of her own to help Dedra get over her shyness and find true love. Let there be no mistake though, magic cannot force a bond but only lighten the mood while fate works to bring together two lives. Anja knows this, but it sure is fun to watch Dedra discover just how strong and determined she is to fight for what she wants. To leave behind her shy wallflower tendencies and reach out to take what matters to her most.

The author has delivered a tastefully written and well edited romance complete with steamy lust and sex. And kissing…wow, the kissing! The tension between the two main characters is vivid. The dialogue witty while contrasting with great insight to each character that even had me laughing out loud. I loved how Paul tried convincing himself to keep back and not act on his lustful intentions towards his perfect-for-him secretary. And what is keeping him from acting on his steamy fantasies about his secretary? Corporate strategy and manipulative board members that want to control the Chastain brothers by demanding Paul marry off not only his father’s company through a merger but also himself to help create a sense of security for the stockholders.

Both Dedra and Paul will have to take control if they want change. There are plenty of forces working against them and to see if they are strong enough to go up against them and win makes for a compelling story with heart. Sugar and Spice is novella length and packs a punch in a short time. Tawny Weber made my must-read list with her Blaze titles and will not be budging from that spot! I am definitely looking forward to more Karma Café stories!

Book Blurb for Sugar and Spice

Hot kisses, sexy shoes and a midnight rendezvous – the perfect recipe for Happy Ever After. Throw in a fairy godmother with a personal agenda, a midnight deadline and a marriage-of-convenience and you have a hot and sassy twist on a modern day Cinderella story.

For over a hundred years, the Karmanski women have been cooking up delicious treats, and a little magic. But now their business, Karma Café, is in trouble and each of the Karmanskis has a different opinion on how to save their livelihood. The matriarch, Odette, is old-school, and more than ready to rely on magic. Natalia is sure if she can just marry her daughter off to a wealthy suitor, all their problems will be solved, and she has just the suitor in mind – the gorgeous CEO of Chastain Shoes. Anja’s just as determined to foil her mother’s plans and stay single. She cooks up a scheme to serve up the perfect match for this prince of a guy. With the aid of a little magical help, she’s going to put a Happy Ever After twist on her mother’s matchmaking.

Administrative Assistant, Dedra Hanson has three addictions. Gorgeous shoes, yummy treats and her sexy boss. Her credit card balance and bathroom scale do a pretty good job of keeping the first two addictions in check. And the third? Love of her job has always kept her from acting on her passion for Paul Chastain. But now she’s leaving her job because her playboy CEO boss is about to become engaged to a chilly socialite to save his business. Paul Chastain is fair game.

All she needs for one wild fantasy night? The nerve to seduce her boss, and a little bit of magic. The only question left is, can she leave when the clock strikes midnight?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.50