Somewhere In Between

1 Night Stand Series


Placing his fingers on the side of her neck, he searched for a pulse, relieved to find it strong and steady. He hooked his finger under her chin to draw her face up. Covered with dirt and grime, she didn't rouse, her long, brown hair knotted and straggly. His heart bled for her.

"Go check those rooms for other victims," he said to the deputies. "Get the paramedics and the crime scene folks here, and bring me a blanket when they come."


Wyatt Tanning stared at the paperwork on his desk. He read over his notes for the hundredth time, clenching his jaw in frustration. Ten days and counting, and the shady criminal who stared back at him from the mug shot remained on the run.


After picking up Somewhere In Between, a sexy and delicious read, I couldn't put the novella down. Sure, this scrumptious menage was short and didn't take more than thirty minutes to read, however phones went unanswered and the laundry was left for afterwards. I simply had to find out the mystery behind Madame Eve's phone call to Wyatt and I also wanted to know how Darby would find a happy ending after going through the torture of being kidnapped and beaten. In so little space, the author spun a story of pain, suffering and loneliness only to have that melt away into something heart warming and of course sizzling. She wrote an intriguing mini love story with very well placed plot developments and intriguing dialogue between the three main characters, Wyatt, Rye, and Darby.


Somewhere In Between takes place in an Urban setting.


Stacey Kennedy has come into her own style of writing and has developed into a wonderful author. I love how her ability to entwine a story around me heart through her characters alone. Add to that the engrossing plot and I'm there. It is that very writing trait that has endeared me to her books. I also note her attention to details and her ability to offer works - either indie published or traditional published - with proper grammar and editing.


Wyatt Tanning, U.S. Marshall, and Rye Daniels, UFC fighter, are the two main characters from a previous 1NS novella by Stacey Kennedy titled Takedown. While I did not read that novella, I had no problem with discovering what kind of characters both men were in this book. I love a man with such inner strength and know-how when it comes to being gentle with a woman. Both Wyatt and Rye delivered in both areas when Darby enters the picture. And I loved Rye's witty sense of humor that lightened up the story at just the right moments.

Kidnapped and beaten Darby had some pretty bad odds to beat that took just as much inner strength as what Wyatt and Rye show. I love it when a woman is portrayed as being strong enough to lift herself back up but not afraid to ask for comforting and help when she needs it. Darby won me over with her kind heart and strength.

I wonder what kind of characters will be shown to us in the next One Night Stand novella...


An absolutely MUST-READ for this genre! Stacey Kennedy has written a novella that spoke of determination and the power of friendship and love. A great combination. I loved the fluidity of the writing and story and hope to maybe see these characters again in the future. I can hope, right! Keep them coming Ms. Kennedy!

Book Blurb for Somewhere In Between

U.S. Marshal, Wyatt Tanning is in a race to catch a serial killer who has evaded the authorities. Just as the case hits a dead end, an unexpected email gives him a lead. As much as he wants to share the surprising message with his lover, Rye Daniels, he must hunt a killer first.

Darby Grant never expected that one night would change her life forever, but that’s exactly what happened. Not only has she been abducted, but she is in a situation that nightmares are made of. As she begins to lose all hope, fate steps in to offer her aid, but she’s well aware things will never be the same again. Soon, though, Darby begins to realize that might not be such a bad thing…

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00