Some Like it Wicked

FAVORITE LINE: Zeke's eyes widened a moment, before they lowered into almost slits. His expression tightened, his jaw clenched and he groaned under his breath.

Bryanna smiled and peeked down to the outfit, running her hands along it once more. "I know, isn't it so beautiful?"

TEASER: He laughed, understanding coming to his face. "I realize that." He stepped up close and reached out to trail his finger up the side of her corset. "I thought this type of clothing suited you and that you would want to replace it." His eyebrow arched up in the most provocative way. "Am I wrong?"

She gulped. Bless the elements, she could feel that touch as if his finger lingered on her bare skin and sank into her very soul. "Ahhh." She swallowed hard. "Yes, replace my corset. Yes, that's what I want." Without another word, she walked through the door, feeling flushed.

PLOT: I absolutely loved reading Some Like it Wicked! The author spun a tale that pulled two characters together that normally would not seek each other out, gave them something in common and allowed love to do the rest. The plot was well delivered for such a short novella and I was surprised by all the emotion and action the author packed into all of the 52 pages. Let's not forget the scorching love scenes that I couldn't tear myself away from! At the beginning Bryanna arrives in Strange Hollow brokenhearted and well on her way to becoming broken spirited, but of all people, a demon helps show her just how her oddity with her magic is exactly what makes her unique and a perfect fit into her new home, Strange Hollow. Yet, there is so much more to the story than just helping the heroine come to accept herself as she is. Yes, the heroine also gets to save the hero. A demon looking for redemption. An added twist that led to a unlikely bond.

The author had me on the edge of my seat when the heroine's former lover waltzes back into her life. I won't give any spoilers, but I will say my heart took up residence in my throat for a bit waiting for the story to unfold. By the ending, which was nothing short of intense with a special surprise, I was more than happy with how the author delivered the final touch to the story.

SETTING: Some Like it Wicked takes place in the fictional town of Strange Hollow. A town where even the oddest of witches are looked upon as valued citizens.

WRITING: With each story I find Ms. Kennedy's writing style develop more and more. Her ability to layer her stories with real emotions makes me want to pick up her next book to see what else she has in store for me. Her characters and stories always give me an enjoyable read that I can count on.

CHARACTERS: Bryanna is a witch with a glitch. She can't seem to make her magic work for her as her coven can. As an elemental witch she should be able to control and manipulate the earth yet all so can produce is Some Like it Wicked, hence the title. In the beginning of the story she seems to be a bit weak and in desperate need of a backbone but with the help of her new friend, Zeke, she soon becomes the character I hoped she would be. The moment Zeke stepped onto the page he was a perfect fit for Bryanna. To help nurture her back into the healthy woman she deserved to be was a pleasure to 'see' because it showed what type of demon he was. And who doesn't like a demon gone good with a taste for a sexy witch!

LAST THOUGHTS: If you like stories with quirky witches and a sexy side order of hot demon Some Like it Wicked is for you. This book makes a perfect 'anytime' read that will make you smile all day through!

Book Blurb for Some Like it Wicked

Bryanna is far from the perfect witch. Shunned by her coven and her boyfriend for her unruly magic, she seeks a new life for herself in a new town—Charmstone.

When Bryanna arrives, it’s not long before Zeke, a demon gone good, is burning with fire over her. Not only has she set his world ablaze, but he’s found one soul he can save. He’s determined to free her from the insecurities that have damaged her.

Together they experience lava-hot passion as they weave their way through a tornado of emotions. But when Bryanna’s ex returns, Zeke will need to take a stand and hope that their lust leads to a forever love.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title Whatnots & Doodads in 2011, and has been revised and expanded for Ellora’s Cave.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00