Protector's Mate

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Protector's Mate

Plot & Characters:

A hot and sensual quicky you can enjoy anywhere! This novella shares the supernatural world and characters you'll find in her first Nocturne Bites titled Destined Mate yet can be read as a stand alone.

Ms. Reus caught my attention with her first Nocturne Bites titled Destined Mates and has not let me down with her second. From the beginning there is a very strong connection between the two main characters, Felicia and Alaric. The author dives right in and gives us tasteful back-story expertly sprinkled to add depth to the story while not weighing the action and romance down. Though the focus is on the romance, Ms. Reus gave a nice suspense plot to keep me interested in what was going to happen next. One point that stood out to me in showing the strength and intelligence of the heroine was when she had a moment to run away or face the "bad news" head on. Given one side of her background merited she run while her other side refused her to turn away. There for a minute I didn't now which way she would go. I think I even cringed hoping she'd go with the new strength she found after joining the military. I'll leave it to you to discover how she handled the situation and herself but I will say that I really liked Felicia's character.

By the end, we learn just how determined love can make a man and how opening up to the right person can heal old wounds from the past. And since this is a novella, you get the euphoric rush of an happily-ever -after in one sitting. Fabulous job Ms. Reus!


Ms. Reus is quickly growing into an author that I can't pass over. In one of her past releases I noticed her tendency to be repetitive which I mentioned in my review. After reading this novella I'm noticed that for the most part the author has overcome this writing habit to make her story flow smoothly.


It's because of Ms. Reus that I read Harlequin's Nocturne Bites. I love her ability to weave together suspense and paranormal romance to deliver a wonderful story. She writes great novellas for when you want a quick read, and she also writes wonderful full lengths for when you want that slow burn before the happy ending. I highly recommend this book for any time of the day you want to escape into a world of werewolves and romance!

Book Blurb for Protector's Mate

After two years in a war zone, werewolf Felicia Serna has finally returned to find another pack has taken over her territory…and the new second-in-command is the very man who haunts her fantasies.

Alaric has wanted Felicia from the moment he laid eyes on her, and now he's ready to claim her. When a threatening shifter begins stalking them, he's determined to protect her…even if it means putting his seduction on hold. But even in the heat of danger, their red-hot passion cannot be denied.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00