Inside Heat

Mustangs Baseball #1

Plot & Characters:

Inside Heat is a red-hot page turner! Sizzling with hot menage love scenes and layered with emotional grit, there's not a page in the book that doesn't deliver a sinful sigh of pleasure or a pull of the heart strings.

Ms. Roz Lee has written a wonderful tale filled with all the adrenaline rushes baseball has to give while never missing a beat with the romance building between the main characters Jason, Jeff and Megan. While we get an inside view of how the game is played through the Author's extensive knowledge of the game, we also get a deeper look into the life of a pediatric nurse. Caring for sick children is never easy and we see the toll it takes on Megan. Forced into building a wall around her heart in order to protect it has allowed her to continue working in her profession, but it has also caused her a life of solitude where she is unable to open up to the possibility of love. Jeff and Jason are prepared to change that for her, if maybe not to love, but at least allow someone to care for her.

The road is a bumpy one that takes us through a baseball season with the Mustangs team. Forced to hide their relationship, all three maintain a certain distance in public that causes tension to the story. And the author pulled a fast one on me when a certain twist developed between Megan and one of her lovers. I was on the fence about it when the clues popped out as I progressed into the story. I wanted it not to be true but I saw the logic as I got closer to the end. Now I can't wait for the second installment to the Mustang Baseball series to see who the mystery character is!


Inside Heat is a self-published book with good editing. One to always deliver quality writing, Roz Lee knows how to entertain readers with a compelling romance and excellent attention to detail that brings her stories to life.


Inside Heat is a sizzling romance with a delicious abundance of sexy baseball players that will take your heart away before you know it! Ms. Lee, author of the Lothario series, has been a favorite of mine since her debut release and sh continuously delivers the books I love to read!

Book Blurb for Inside Heat

Professional baseball players, Jeff and Jason Holder are at the top of their game. Jeff is the Texas Mustangs’ closer, revered throughout the Major League for throwing inside heat, while his twin brother Jason is the team’s starting catcher and star hitter. The two have always shared more than their identical DNA, so when they meet Megan, it’s no wonder they both want her.

Megan doesn’t know baseball, but she does know a sexy guy when she sees one - or two! The relationship makes it to first base in record time – but Megan dreams of a Grand Slam - marriage and kids- with Jeff.

Jeff shares the same dreams, but getting the team to the playoffs is all he has time to think about – until an injury bruises his ego and threatens to end his pitching career. Megan suddenly finds herself on the outside – the twins dirty little secret. It doesn’t help that Jeff has gotten the wrong impression about her and his brother.

It's going to take more than physical therapy for Jeff to mend his arm, and his relationship with Megan.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00