Depth Charge

Maria, Maria

First Line:

Steve Chambers stared at the leaderboard. Three days ago it had been his personal shrine of victory. He had led all the divers for recovery units and dive time for nineteen straight weeks.

At position two, his surname glared at his as if to say, get your ass in gear, you slacker. Now resting in his slot was the name Rodriguez. Who the hell is Rodriguez: another rookie?


Christ, what a nag. A sexy nag. He laughed at his thoughts, losing his bite on the mouthpiece, and received a blast of bubbles up his nose. He shook his head and realized he wasn't thinking clearly. In fact, he was giddy with stupidity. Delirium had snuck up on him. She was right. He replaced his breathing apparatus.


"Yeah? You're coming back?"

"Yeah." He squinted into the darkness of the sea. Was that Maria? Her beautiful face was moving toward him through the murky green-black waters of the North Sea. Oh yeah, he was delusional.

"Hurry, Steve."

"No can do."

"I mean it-"

"We have another problem."

"What now?"

The face swimming through the darkness slowly focused for him. It was anything but Maria's gorgeous, tan face. It was a verifiable nightmare.



Depth Charge: Maria, Maria started off with an intriguing opening on a treasure hunting vessel in the middle of the cold North Sea and dove right into a sizzling erotic story between the two main characters, Maria Rodriguez and Steve Chambers. The author brought together two worlds and created a wonderful story that worked. Deep sea treasure hunting has always fascinated me and now that I've read this novella, I'll never think of it in the same way...which is a good thing! For such a short read, this book is filled with explosive passion one hundred fifty feet under the freezing water, a dangerous environment where sharks are known to hunt and there is no denying this book has some of the hottest sex scenes I've read in erotic romance.

Yet, there is more to the story. The author has taken two strong independent characters, thrown them together and taught them just how nice it is to have someone on your team. Someone to depend on and love though neither wanted to believe it could happen so quickly.

Maria's Latina blood adds a lot of spice to the heated moments between Steve and herself. Never one to back down to a man's will, she stands up and fights for what she wants and believes in. And true to their stubborn nature both almost allow the instant connection they feel for one another to be tainted by a misunderstanding all for lack of communication. By the end though the author explores the reason behind Maria's tough exterior which shows Steve it's not always about beating the other person, about winning alone or showing off. That there is a story and a reason behind the person if you take a minute to look closer. And I must say it was a close call for the water works by the time I finished.


I've read multiple books by Brindle chase and I find his writing to be highly entertaining. He has great taste in settings and knows how to deliver the romance in the erotic genre. All of his books, both traditionally and independently published, show good attention to editing, providing smooth and pleasurable reads.

Last Thoughts:

Mr. Chase has a way with words and the romance genre that always leaves my heart melting and my blood pressure high! Depth Charge: Maria, Maria is an thrilling, erotic read that I recommend to anyone that loves this exciting mixture!

Book Blurb for Depth Charge

Steve Chambers's supremacy as top diver has never been challenged until now. Not only has he been beat out for the week by a rookie diver, it turns out Rodriguez is a she. Adding injury to insult, he's paired with her to fix the submerged diving station they use for treasure recovery.

Maria Rodriguez has had to beat every man she's worked with, just to gain a semblance of equality. Her impoverished family relies on her to make enough money to support them as well as her, and to do that, second best is not acceptable. Beating Chambers was the hardest challenge she's ever done.

Confined in a diving station at 150 feet below the surface, in arctic waters, the rivals work hard to repair the oxygen lines to the damaged station before it bleeds out. And even harder to one-up the other. The fire of their passionate rivalry blends with their undeniable sexual attraction until it explodes in fiery lust. But can they set aside their egos long enough to realize that together, they make a perfect team?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00