Claimed by Dragons

Bag of Tricks, #2

Claimed by Dragons delivered everything I love about paranormal romance, suspense and erotic romance all in one thrilling book! Sharp dialogue, exotic settings and a fantastic blending of suspense with rich backstory had me spellbound. As soon as I thought I knew what would happen, an unexpected twist or expertly placed backstory would up the ante, jacking the suspense ever higher up until the very last chapter. Admittedly, I had to stop every so often just to absorb everything. It was like eating rich velvety chocolate cherry cake with a sweet cherry in every single bit. Rich, flavorful and you just can’t wait to go back in for another bite.

The authors demonstrated great skill for the craft through their ability to switch between the three main characters point of views seamlessly to bring Roarke, Jael, and Kypton’s story to life through every angle possible. Being a detail orientated person I also enjoyed the use of rich descriptive wording and phrases. And the sensuality of the story is sizzling…no, it’s scorching! Talk about originality! There’s an extraordinary use of original coupling between the men, as well as Jael and the men, that really scorched the sheets.

Claimed by Dragons begins with Jael meeting up with her close girlfriends for a weekend getaway where she discovers magic just might be real. She also finds an ancient prophetess that possibly has a hand in showing her how a stone will lead her to a destiny she never dreamed of. However, as with any good story, it isn't that simple. Jael is a very indecisive person and must make conscious decisions in order to reach that path she truly wants even if she doesn't fully understand what everything implies. This is something she’ll have to overcome and the first step takes her halfway across the world to Mt. Kilimanjaro-land of the fabled Marduko Dragons. There she realizes rather quickly just how vast the unknown is and that being the fated mate of two dragon shifters with a plan to claim her is as exciting and dangerous at it sounds. All too quickly enemies make quick work of driving a wedge between the three, forcing them to fight for what they want or face a cold lonely death. There’s so much more to the story than what can be summed up in a review. Such intricate details and multiple setbacks that make each new chapter as terrifying and thrilling as the last. By the end everything is flipped, connections thought lost are reformed, and a love between three souls is tested up to the very end.

Book Blurb for Claimed by Dragons

In an odd Wiccan shop in Salem, Jael pulls an unusual stone from a witch’s wish bag. Little does she know her wildest dreams of adventure and a torrid affair with two gorgeous co-workers are about to come true—in spades.

Jael’s dreamy boss, Roarke offers her the assignment of a lifetime: a photo safari to Mount Kilimanjaro. The African scenery is stunning but the unexpected arrival of her two office crushes, Roarke and Kypton ignites her passion. Just as the trio is getting steamy at a beautiful waterfall, danger intervenes forcing the men to reveal their secret. They're dragons. And now, to save her life, they have no choice but to abduct a startled Jael to their mountain lair on Kilimanjaro.

In the dragons' love nest, Jael learns the truth about their origins and explores all the erotic possibilities two eager lovers can offer. Love awakens, but the guys are being stalked by a covert group of dragon hunters and withholding a life or death secret that will push Jael’s courageous heart and commitment to the limits.

Note:This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, menage (m/m/f).

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.50