Blood Betrayed

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Blood Betrayed

Sons of Navarus #2

Blood Betrayed is another sure-to-please treat guaranteed to satisfy paranormal romance lovers! Layered with passion and suspense, Gabrielle Bisset has written a tale of betrayal that will take you by surprise. To add more depth to this story the author has also expertly woven in Greek mythology that makes the story come to life in a way beyond just simple writing. From the very beginning her world building for the SONS of Navarus is uniquely strong, carrying throughout the entire book of Blood Betrayed.

Bisset introduces us to Saint, one of the SONS, that has been cast out by his own people but for reasons some do not understand and others try to forget. Destined to live alone for over a decade, Saint has learned how to deal with his loneliness, but with a price. Rumors of his chosen life style of only taking what he needs from humans have spread, earning him a price on his head from the Archon-vampires that have taken it upon themselves to fulfill the Prophecy of Idolas and begin the takeover by first ridding the world of the SONS.

There’s only one person that can pull Saint from the tormented darkness surrounding his heart and soul, but she’s also the person that put him there. I devoured the entire book in one sitting, determined to know if Solenne would be able to save Saint from a certain death either by his own doing or by the Archon. As the ending approached, twists and unexpected truths revealed a story far deeper than I suspected the author had in mind. I love her sense of timing, delivery and engrossing dialogue. Her form of writing truly delivers a roller coaster ride of emotions that leave you wanting to know what happens next!

Book Blurb for Blood Betrayed

I am everything forbidden. I am vampire. Haunted by betrayal, Saint hides in the human world, giving his heart to no one and finding the only solace from his past in the arms of human women. Now as the Archons begin their takeover of the vampire world, this Son of Navarus has been marked for death. Summoned to defeat the Archons by the world that shunned him, Saint must face his past and Solenne, the woman he loved and lost a century ago, for only in accepting her will his body and soul finally find salvation. Book #2 in the Sons of Navarus series. Look for Blood Avenged, Book #1 in the series, too!

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50