Where Dreams are Born

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Where Dreams are Born

What started out so innocently changed the course of so many lives. Vicky Lowell was on a mission – to get her son Tommy a bike. That’s what brought her to the door of Jack Hazlett and his daughters. Jack harried and already running late mistakenly thought Vicky was the nanny/housekeeper, with impeccable references, that he was looking to hire. But needless to say his potential nanny was also running late. So the oh no moment came when Jack drags Vicky into the house and leaves her, a total stranger, in charge of his little girls. His utter distress in coping with the loss of his young wife and attempting to care for three little girls under the age of 6 brought him to a state of desperation. A recipe for disaster but luck was shining down on him that day. Vicky didn’t look like much but she had an amazing supply of warmth and love which at least most of his girls latched onto. They craved the motherly attention Vicky could offer and so a mutually beneficial relationship was born – totally by accident. Winning over the Hazlett family and their friends and neighbors was going to be a major challenge for Vicky whose self-confidence couldn’t be at a lower point. Coming from a physically abusive relationship she was anxious for a safe haven for herself and her son. Working for Jack could be the answer to her prayers. But moving into the Hazlett house provided some unique problems of its own. Everyone has secrets and Vicky was trying to avoid any further contact with her ex Roy who wouldn’t hesitate to enact his revenge on her leaving him so abruptly. But she was also learning that the Hazlett household had its share of secrets and those secrets were having an unhealthy effect on the family. Vicky had no intention of involving herself in their past but due to several unforeseen events there was no way for her to avoid it. Somehow the wellbeing of her charges and her own family were being entwined and since running was never a good option Vicky was willing to take a chance, a chance that might be the answer to all her dreams or just another disappointment in her life.

Dreams Are Born started out rather chaotic and truthfully unbelievable in that what father would leave his kids alone with a perfect, odd looking, stranger. But once you get past that there is a rather intriguing story involving a cast of characters that have very real problems. Life isn’t neat and predictable and neither is this story. DeBacco does a really good job of getting the reader invested in the outcome of this unusual pairing. Enjoy.

Book Blurb for Where Dreams are Born

Fate brings Vicky to the home of Jack Hazlett, a harried widower in need of domestic help. She never expected to find a safe haven for her son—and the man of her dreams.

It was supposed to be a win-win situation—a safe environment in which to raise a son for single mom Vicky, housekeeping and childcare for widowed Jack. Believing they’ve had their shot at happiness, neither is looking to complicate their lives with a romantic entanglement. At first Jack sees Vicky as skinny and plain, guarded with him, but openly warm with his children, an important quality for a man who grew up in the foster care system. However, his growing attraction to the woman who scrubs his toilets and washes his underwear complicates their working relationship. Vicky, too, is reluctant to get involved, having been down that road before with disastrous results.

When Jack learns his friend fathered Vicky’s son and now wants partial custody, he feels threatened. He’s come to care deeply for both, and doesn’t want to lose the family they’ve become. In desperation he offers a radical solution—marriage. Vicky knows she can do worse than marry Jack, but wonders how successful their marriage would be when its only reason for being was to keep from losing her son. Add to this a troubled child keeping a secret about her dead mother, and a vindictive ex bent on revenge…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00