Under a Texas Sky

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Under a Texas Sky

Out of the fat and into the fire. Anna Finnegan narrowly escapes from a life filled with tragedy and danger barely existing practically all alone. Unfortunately for Anna her one surviving family member, her brother, was just another perilous part of her already devastating struggle to stay alive. She was an unlucky product of the streets where poverty was rampant and the source of your next meal was only as close as your ability to steal it.

Through a wonderful twist of fate Anna’s acting abilities land her the opportunity of a lifetime. Cast as the new young ingénue Anna’s life is sure to blossom along with her career. She is that talented – but with talent comes jealousy and actors with fragile egos are notorious for looking for ways to sabotage the new guy or gal on the block.

It quickly becomes evident that there is foul play a foot on the movie set and Anna needs someone to turn to, someone this very alone young woman can depend on. But the only person outside her theater world has his own demons to battle. They say there is strength in numbers. Anna and Dalton are going to have to team up to survive whatever dangerous plot has been already put into motion.

Dorothy Garlock has done it again in what is a stimulating adventure that combines characters from two very different life styles – entertainment and old west blue collar. Looking from the outside you don’t see how Garlock is going to get these two very different types together but pretty soon she has you hooked. Under A Texas Sky is a page turner. As a fan of Garlock I was prepared to like her new book and she did not disappoint. Any historical romance reader will easily lose themselves in this surprising, dramatic, suspenseful story. Garlock gives us a bird’s eye view of the movie industry in its infancy and a vivid description of the very rustic sets. Under A Texas Sky is a charming mix of eclectic characters brought together in a tightly woven mystery. Just the right recipe for a great summer read.

Book Blurb for Under a Texas Sky

Growing up poor and largely abandoned on the streets of 1920s Chicago, Anna Finnegan has struggled her entire life. Until a talent manager discovers her and brings her into the world of theater. Now years later she's about to start shooting her first movie. Arriving on location in Redstone, Texas, in 1932, Anna steps off the train and collides into Dalton Barnes. He's lived in Redstone all his life and hates how the big city out-of-towners are gawking at the small-town locals like him. It doesn't take long, though, for Anna and Dalton to discover fireworks of a different sort between them. But the movie is plagued by one trouble after another, including a fire that destroys an elaborate set and costumes ruined by huge splashes of paint. Who is sabotaging the film and why? To what lengths will they go? When Anna finds herself threatened, how will she and the love blossoming between her and Dalton survive?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00