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Bannon Brothers

This is the last of the trio of books revolving around rough and tough brothers. First with TRUST we met RJ and then with HERO Linc made his appearance. Each story is as unique as the three Bannon brothers. The only binding element is that these are real men who are quick to react to a dangerous situation. And they are beyond loyal. Figures these three guys would be the latest in a string of amazingly written characters by Janet Dailey. In TRIUMPH you are asked to join in on an investigation that has taken a strange twist.

There is no evidence that can legally point to the person or persons responsible for a series of scary events that have somehow centered on news anchor Kelly Johns. It could just be a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time but Kelly is determined to dig. After all a suicide that has traces of being a homicide would provide a really great story line for this news jockey. As an anchor she has become used to reading a script behind a desk. But the reporter/investigator in Kelly just can’t let go of this story. That’s really all it is to Kelly – a story – but it is going to become much more and quickly becomes apparent that she is going to need help.

Luckily Kelly has already met the man who would be able to help with this story. Deke Bannon and Kelly meet under rather strange circumstances but neither one is able to escape the instant attraction. But they are not planning on acting on anything as random as physical attraction. Deke knows there is a danger to Kelly even if she chooses to ignore several unexplainable events that unfortunately have Kelly involved. The circle of characters keeps widening and somehow Kelly finds connections that are deeply troubling. Her first reaction is empathy toward the plight of what she sees as the victims of a wide spread plot to fraudulently acquire money from hapless greedy investors. This is proving to be the tip of the iceberg and Deke realizes that for someone Kelly has become a key witness. A witness who needs to be eliminated. Problem is Kelly doesn’t think she has been witness to anything that should put her in harm’s way.

Triumph is a good crime solving story with just enough twists and turns to keep you turning pages. And candidly will have the armchair investigator playing along and bemoaning their incorrect guesses. Just plain fun – good beach read.

Book Blurb for Triumph

Need a hot hero? Janet Dailey's Bannon Brothers deliver--to the max. Deke Bannon is rugged and powerful and just as dangerous as his older brothers RJ and Linc. But an ambitious TV anchor tracking an explosive story may be more than his match. . .

Deke Bannon, federal criminal investigator, risks his life just about every damn day--but that doesn't mean he'll let Kelly Johns do the same. A deadly international gang has targeted the gorgeous news anchor for knowing too much and trying to find out more. To protect Kelly, Deke will have to keep her close--no matter how hard she fights him.

Good luck with that. Kelly's every instinct tells her she's stumbled across the story of her career. But there's a catch. Without Deke, she can't infiltrate the dark underworld operating beyond the reach of the law. With him, she's in a whole other kind of danger. On the case, Deke Bannon is a force of nature--unpredictable, unstoppable, and always one step ahead of her. Except when he takes her in his arms--and the world stands still for both of them. . .

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00