The Wife He Always Wanted

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The Wife He Always Wanted

A School For Brides Romance

Do not think that the brevity of this summary in any way paints this book in any negative fashion. On the contrary it was purposely vague and therefore anything but long winded. This book stands on its own merit and I intentionally avoided giving away too much of the story. Suffice it to say once you enter the world described to perfection in The Wife He Always Wanted you will be hard pressed to leave.

Brought up to do the right thing and respectful to family it was natural for Gabriel to step forward to assist and protect his friend Henry’s sister. After many years in service with Henry, Gabriel knew that the young woman he set out to find was dear to Henry. He was also privy to much about the sibling’s life and knew how devastating it had been for Henry to leave Sarah so many years before. Her safety was the undisputed fact that made Henry’s disappearance necessary. Henry had no way to know how dire her circumstances had become in his absence. So when Gabriel found Sarah he knew drastic actions were warranted.

Neither Gabriel nor Sarah could never have anticipated or imagined the maelstrom of suspense and danger they would quite innocently stir up once they arrived back in London to Gabriel’s home and extended family. Gabe is going to learn much about this church mouse he had married in haste – not the least of it – how very resourceful and brave she is.

Any fan of the historical romance genre will no doubt fall madly in love with Cheryl Ann Smith. I made a fortunate discovery unveiling this wonderful author in my perusal of published reviews. The writing is crisp as well as authentic to the period but what I really adored was the humorous foray into the realm of a family with decided leanings toward a more modern respect for women.

Smith provided us with strong willed and quick minded females who act as worthy rivals and partners to her gentleman. This is a very welcome addition to my collection of longtime favorite genres and is a fabulous introduction to Cheryl Ann Smith for those who haven’t been lucky enough to have already discovered this bright star.

Book Blurb for The Wife He Always Wanted

The next irresistible romance in the School for Brides series from the author of A Convenient  Bride...

Sarah Palmer is impoverished, desperate, and alone. Her father was murdered years ago, and her only sibling is now dead. When an unkempt man turns up on her doorstep, he claims a friendship with her late brother, and the desire to fulfill her brother’s dying wish that they marry. Sarah sees no other solution for her situation but to wed the roguish stranger.

Although it’s not apparent from his gruff appearance, Gabriel Harrington comes from one of London’s finest families. However, he is not the man Sarah’s brother intended her to marry. Overcome with guilt at his hasty lie, Gabriel must begin a life with the chilly Miss Palmer, who appears content with their passionless marriage.

But Sarah is not as immune to Gabriel as he thinks. Driven by the desire to learn the truth behind her father’s murder and committed to a make her unexpected marriage successful, she fights to win Gabriel’s affections. Once he begins to see the passion in her, he isn’t that hard to convince

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.50