The Last Cowboy

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The Last Cowboy

Life maps out your destiny and leads you down a path that shapes the person you become. Twins Slade and Griff paths were chosen with the death of their parents. Griff raised in the city with love and good education which lead to a lucrative career in the market. Not unique he succumbed to the lure and greed of money and luxuries. He would never have guessed his fortune would fall victim to the economy and with prospects bleak return him to his brother's ranch. Slade's life was hard with prospects never as golden as Griff, his schooling ended abruptly in high school. His responsibility was taking over the family ranch which hung by a thread. There was no fortune to be made on the ranch - hard work and diligence kept one step ahead of foreclosure. But Slade's heart was his ranch and when his short lived marriage didn't survive he hunkered down to a solitary existence with his land, horses and simple dreams of keeping them safe and sound. He paid dearly with his divorce and swore never to be led astray by his heart again. He was taken off guard by his interest in Dr. Jordana Lawton an easterner transplanted to his area.

Jordana wanted Slade to train her horse to compete in endurance races. Slade was supposedly the best and she needed to escape a crazy work schedule that virtually consumed her life. Jordana had a way about her and even rough and tough Slade wasn't immune to her tenderness and caring. But they were as difference as could be. She was an educated doctor and a petite feisty thing on a successful career path. Slade this large bear of a cowboy whose smarts were self and life taught whose prospects worsened each day. Somehow Jordana got a glimpse of the real man. She saw past the bluster to a caring gentle soul hidden behind this hard armor.

How could Slade ever dream of a future with this bewitching woman who became more to him. Even though raised in the city she had been around horses and could sit a saddle as well as a man. She knew Slade would challenger her abilities but she never thought he'd touch her heart. Theirs would not be an obvious match to be sure but love is blind, surely there would be a way. Slade and Jordana's relationship grew in little steps, trust, friendship, respect, the next natural step was love but there were so many roadblocks. They were similar in an important way - neither afraid to work hard and together they would be a force to reckon with. Was Slade a dying breed - a cowboy running a small ranch with few chances for monetary success or was he just waiting for his luck to turn.

McKenna draws a vivid picture of life on a real working ranch gritty and dangerous. Her characters may not be glamorous but they are very remarkable and memorable. I `m looking forward to the next book in this saga of the new/old west.

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Book Blurb for The Last Cowboy

The iconic Cowboy:

Pure alpha male, fiercely protective of all he holds dear.

The last of a dyring breed.

Otherwise known as a pain in the rear.

City girl. It was written all over her like a sign warning him to keep off. Sure, Slade McPherson would train her horse… With his ranch one bad day away from foreclosure, he can’t afford to turn away a paying customer. But no way is this cowboy getting involved with a woman like Jordana Lawton—no matter how pretty she looks in a saddle.

Yet everything can change in an instant. A terrifying run-in with an angry bull tilts Slade’s world off its axis, leaving him wounded and unable to compete in a race that could change his future, for good. With Jordana by his side, he just might stand a chance. But what happens when this old-school cowboy finds himself falling for a modern city girl?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50