The Cowboy's Bonus Baby

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The Cowboy's Bonus Baby

Harlequin American Romance, #1362 - Callahan Cowboys

Patience is a virtue except when you are dealing with love. Creed Callahan wasn't known for having any. He was the perennial wild child with his eye on the next rodeo and bull riding event. But his last event had literally thrown him a curve and he somehow wound up drinking and talking up a storm to kindhearted bartender Johnny Donovan. At some point Johnny realized this cowboy just wasn't all right and rather graciously allowed Creed to sleep off whatever ailed him right there in the bar. But when Creed became somewhat lucid it was an angel with blue eyes that met his. Best dream he ever had. That dream was actually Johnny's sister Aberdeen who couldn't deny an instant attraction to this handsome cowboy suffering from more than just a knock to the head. Creed couldn't understand how although he was bound and determined to avoid commitments he wanted Aberdeen more than just about anything. When he wanted something he went for it. Remember this was one impatient cowboy. However Aberdeen was totally adverse to a relationship after the demise of her rocky marriage to a generally worthless unreliable miscreant. No matter how Creed pursued Aberdeen she managed to deflect his attentions.

At first Creed's impression of Aberdeen had been less than flattering but as one of his six brothers was quick to point out that could be because she didn't fall for his usual line of malarkey. Creed had never had to work at getting women interested in him. Why start now. But life was changing and so was Creed. As eager as he had been to escape his aunts match making plans he now found himself rather intrigued with the whole family thing. He enjoyed watching his other brother's life with his wife and triplets and Creed was beginning to see himself in that role. And as things got even stranger he saw his life with the one woman who was determined to keep him at arm's length - until she needed his help - needed it enough to strike a deal. Creed knew Aberdeen was skittish and gave her lots of room until she hopefully returned his feelings. Playing the waiting game really didn't benefit either of them but as life got even more complicated it seemed exploring their feelings was going to have to wait. But how long could you keep love alive without stroking the fires. Aberdeen was risking a lot by her wariness to trust Creed. Would she come to her senses before his patience runs out.

This the first book in the series revolving around the Callahan brothers certainly whet the appetite for more - after all we are left in the dark about the future of the Callahan ranch and homestead and the seemingly evil neighbor desperately trying to usurp the family from the land that has been theirs for generations. Tina Leonard planted enough hints through this story that will definitely have the reader waiting for the next installment.

Book Blurb for The Cowboy's Bonus Baby

No woman's going to hog-tie Creed Callahan into getting hitched. Even if it means losing his claim on Rancho Diablo, the New Mexico spread that one of six brothers will inherit— whoever marries and has the most children. Come hell or high water, Creed plans to be the last single man standing. Until sweet temptation comes knocking….

Preacher Aberdeen Donovan is just fine tending her flock and getting ready to adopt her three nieces. Her job description does not include saving some incorrigible cowboy from himself. But there's something about a little competition that makes the devil-may-care bachelor change his mind about needing a wife. And marriage would help Aberdeen provide a home for the little girls. Not to mention, for the little secret that's on the way….

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.75