Texas Tall

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Texas Tall

The Tylers of Texas, #3

TEXAS TALL starts out with the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The events of that night quickly escalate into a life and death drama with all the pizazz of a Janet Dailey story.

Those who have been following the Tyler’s of Texas series are well aware that dangerous personal conflicts abound among the citizenry of Blanco Springs Texas and the surrounding ranches. It’s almost impossible to tell the bad guys from the good. Conflicts are approaching critical mass.

Janet Dailey has amassed some of the most despicable characters – innate evil mixed with greed, avarice and soulless. And the scary fact is that for the most part their cover is impeccable. But even the most diabolical criminal makes mistakes – and that’s the hope you hold onto while immersing yourself in this fabulously gripping crime novel.

In TEXAS TALL we are reacquainted with some beloved characters and become aware of a multitude of facts well-hidden until this latest book in the Tyler’s of Texas series.

Will Tyler and his daughter Erin are caught up in an incident – well that’s really minimizing the entire tale. Stopped by a flat tire, on the side of a typical dark Texas road, Will investigates what caused the flat. What did he hit? Ready for anything – well he is a Texas cowboy – Will takes his gun ready to put down an injured animal if necessary. But he could never have imagined the series of events to follow. Even in Erin’s own words the incident truly just took a few moments.

A motorcyclist stops and approaches Will asking him for a package. This man is armed and therefore dangerous. There had just been a radio news flash about an armed robber on the loose. Well you can guess what happened next.

Will’s thoughts were on Erin’s safety and vulnerability alone in his truck. When threatened by the cyclist he did what any father would do – he shot and killed the stranger. But this wasn’t just a stranger – he was the brother of the most dangerous woman in town – bar owner Stella. Stella had half the town under her thumb – having the goods on just about anyone rich or powerful. And Stella hated the Tyler’s and was out for blood. An eye for an eye and hold no hostages.

Of all the Tyler’s of Texas books I really feel like TEXAS TALL was the most gripping and powerful holding me captive through to the very last page. Janet Dailey passed many years ago and luckily left some wonderful stories still to be published. As far as I can tell TEXAS TALL and the others in this series are not reissued. Never too late to become a fan of Janet Dailey and her strong men and women.

Book Blurb for Texas Tall

She can’t forget him.

The born rancher who stole her heart, her ex husband, the tough, tender father of her child… Tori Tyler can’t let Will Tyler go to prison for a crime that was a simple accident. But she can’t deny that her feelings for the man run much deeper than loyalty, and her desire for his strong, sure embrace has never died. Protecting him is second nature, until an unexpected terror threatens to shatter them both…and Tori needs Will’s fierce love more than ever before. 

He can’t let her go. The sassy, sexy wife he never meant to drive away, the gorgeous woman who haunts his memory and his fantasies… Will can accept the blame for the destruction of his marriage, but he can’t believe that he and Tori won’t have a second chance to make it right. With the ranch in trouble and his freedom on the line, somehow fighting for her is the only thing that matters.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.50