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So Irresistible

So Irresistible by Lisa Plumley centers on family issues and does it so well that you feel like you are in the midst of these very credible characters. Plumley takes us on an investigative trip to see if we can ferret out the bad guy before uncorrectable damage is done. It’s a great ride with a ton of detours along the way.

There’s an old expression that goes something like this – keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Imagine how vulnerable you would feel when it seems impossible to determine who is friend or foe. And someone you have learned to trust and really care for could be high on the list of those you suspect of plotting a devastating scheme designed to kill all your dreams and aspirations for success with an aggressive competitive takeover. Famous line from a movie – it’s business not personal – I’m sure everyone knows where that line comes from; a favorite movie of mine all about corporate greed and the big guy driving the little guy out of business.

Pride can be a drag. Earning someone’s respect is a lofty goal and deserving someone’s trust is at times beyond our control. When that someone is a parent then the stakes are even higher.

Gabby’s family has owned and operated a small chain of pizzerias each maintaining a look and feel and quality established by generations determined to hold onto tradition and traditional values. Even when faced with stiff competition Gabby’s father relentlessly stayed the course disregarding his daughter’s suggestions for improvement.

Gabby’s return to the family business is not exactly met with open arms by either her father or their group of devoted employees. These employees are treated more like family than workers and took her deflection very personally. There is a distinct chill in the air when Gabby comes back to see if there is anything she could do to save the future of this family business. The fact that there is only one viable pizza shop out of the chain illustrates just how dire the picture is.

Every time we believe that Gabby is making some headway up pops a new roadblock causing chaos with the possibility that this new issue could be the one to cast a deathblow to a business already floundering.

The lone bright star is a man named Shane that Gabby met quite by accident at the local pub. As strange as it seems they were both at the pub letting off steam before tackling their respective new jobs. Gabby trying to salvage what was left of the family business and if real lucky turn the page and reopen all the stores. Unknown to Gabby – Shane was there for the opposite purpose. He was a corporate fixer. His job was to thwart anyone trying to salvage the pizza chain so that his father could force them to sell.

The one thing Shane has spent his life chasing was a true sense of belonging. Being with Gabby and her rather eclectic group has given him a taste of what being part of something real feels like. Ultimately the ball is in his court or is it.

Lisa Plumley’s at her best with people just this side of crazy. She gives her characters such heart that you really want to like them and in this case believe their innocence. I also enjoyed the hot passionate relationship between two key players in So Irresistible and loved the idea that sex was not going to defer the truth from being discovered. Plumley doesn’t make her characters simple – she makes them simply great.

Book Blurb for So Irresistible

A hard-headed, hard-bodied businessman falls for the gorgeous restaurateur he's been hired to ruin in USA Today bestselling author Lisa Plumley's unforgettable new novel. 

Tantalizing. Hot. And mouthwateringly delicious. The pizzas at the Portland restaurant chain Shane Maresca is secretly priming for takeover are all that and more. Unfortunately for him, so is Gabriella Grimani, the business owner's daughter. He had no idea who she was when they had their first X-rated one night stand. Now she's all he can think about. For someone whose career hinges on ruthlessness, that's a slice of disaster. 

Tough, take-charge Gabby intends to put her family's restaurants back in the black, and that means no distractions. But somehow Shane keeps getting to the part of her that no one else sees--enticing her to lean on him. To trust him. That could be the biggest mistake Gabby and her business ever made. . .or a recipe for something truly spectacular... 

"Lisa Plumley creates charming characters. Her books are a delight!" --Rachel Gibson

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"Laugh-out-loud... This sweet romance tugs at the heartstrings from the beginning and doesn't let up until the final page."--Publishers Weekly

"Thoroughly charming. . . Lisa Plumley knows how to craft a terrific, heart-warming story with deliciously happy endings."--The Romance Reviews

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