Satyr’s Son: A Georgian Historical Romance

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Satyr’s Son: A Georgian Historical Romance

Roxton Family Saga Book 5

Just when you couldn’t imagine Lucinda Brant upstaging her previous, wondrous tales that star the Roxton family and friends, out comes the newest Georgian Historical Romance entitled SATYR’S SON. SATYR’S SON is indubitably one of the best Cinderella stories ever told, of course resplendent with polite London society’s morays and speech. Once again we are thrust into that environment that is supposedly upper crust – translation – snooty.

In place of evil step-sisters SATYR’S SON has spiteful devious cousins that make you equally annoyed and downright angry. But they are the perfect foils. Lisa Crisp, orphaned at a young age, has had no choice but to take advantage of the charity offer of the self-absorbed cousins Dr. & Mrs. Warner. Her life revolves around her work at Dr. Warner’s dispensary. At home Lisa is basically invisible. Any attention steered her way is harsh so it was just as well that Lisa was on her own. Lisa was well educated, clever and caring. As such she was an asset to the dispensary. And in all probability her life would have continued as it was if not for an unexpected but welcome invitation to a friend from her years at Blacklands.

Prior to the wedding Lisa is witness to quite a show starring a bunch of drunk society men attending their friend Jack’s bachelor party. This is where Lisa has her initial meeting of sorts with the Duke of Roxton’s younger brother Henri-Antoine. To Lisa her meeting Henri-Antoine was fate.

Call it fate or coincidence but Lisa and Henri-Antoine are destined to spend time together. Lucinda Brant cagily throws them together first by accident and then by sheer luck. Lisa is forewarned by the Warner’s to not do anything that would bring disgrace to the family. Her instructions are simple and clear – Lisa is to stay in the background as much as possible. Not to attract any attention. But as fate would have it Lisa is in the forefront of activity as it pertains to the wedding. The wedding of Henri-Antoine best friend Jack and Lisa’s best friend at Blacklands – Teddy.

Blacklands was a place where people of different classes attended and usually stayed with their own kind. But Teddy and Lisa had formed a unique bond – considered themselves best friends – and felt as if they were sisters. It was this bond that made their time at Blacklands enjoyable. Lisa was sure that her leaving school with a black mark on her reputation literally severed all ties with Teddy. But it seems that Teddy and her family had gone to great expense to find Lisa, invite her to the wedding and include her in all bride to be related activities.

So instead of blending in Lisa was slated to be right smack dab in the middle of all the wedding festivities. As was Teddy’s older brother Henri-Antoine.

Spending time with the Roxton family was indeed like a fairy tale for Lisa. She was going to take in all she could manage, make the most wondrous memories to take back home with her to her life with the Warner’s. Being with Teddy was like turning back time to a great part of Lisa’s life. And spending time with Henri-Antoine was the stuff that dreams are made of. But at midnight the dreams will certainly come to a screeching halt. Lisa wasn’t deserving of these dreams. They were of a totally different life. One that Lisa could only wish for but never expect. Everyone eventually wakes from a beautiful dream.

Needless to say we are going to meet up with members of the Roxton group from previous stories. Lucinda Brant makes sure that we understand the entwined relationship of all these characters. For those that have been fortunate to read all the Roxton tales it will be like a homecoming of sorts. All Lucinda Brant’s books in this series can easily stand alone. But just in case you need the lineage she provides a family tree with all the characters in SATYR’S SON in bold. Reading and reviewing the SATYR’S SON was an absolute joy. Any fan of historical romance just has to read this book and if possible catch up on the Roxton family saga. Totally addicting and marvelous.

Book Blurb for Satyr’s Son: A Georgian Historical Romance

Henri-Antoine and Lisa’s Happily Ever After London, 1786. Lord Henri-Antoine has returned from the Grand Tour to a life of privilege and excess. A vast inheritence allows him every indulgence, free from responsibility. Yet, Henri-Antoine maintains a well-ordered existence, going to great lengths to conceal an affliction few understand and many fear.

Miss Lisa Crisp is a penniless orphan who relies on the charity of relatives to keep her from the poorhouse. Intelligent and unflappable, Lisa will not allow poverty to define her. She leads a useful life working among the sick poor.

Under startling circumstances, Henri-Antoine and Lisa meet. There is instant attraction. When they find themselves attending the same wedding in the country, Henri-Antoine offers Lisa a scandalous proposition, one she should refuse but yearns to accept. Following her heart could ruin them both.

A standalone romantic adventure set against the backdrop of Treat, ancestral home of the dukes of Roxton. SATYR’S SON will delight fans of the series with cameos by many beloved characters, while new readers will discover the myriad pleasures of the glittering aristocratic world of the Roxton family through the fresh eyes of newcomer Lisa Crisp.

SATYR’S SON is a Cinderella story with a heartwarming Happily Ever After.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 5.00