New Leaf

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New Leaf

A Mystic Creek Novel, #2

What makes a person rich? Wealth is different to each person and in NEW LEAF Catherine Anderson clearly shows her feelings about wealth – family and love make a man or woman enviously rich.

For someone who has had nothing her entire life, Taffeta Brown has worked tirelessly to crawl out of her empty lonesome world. Never adopted – a child that the system basically failed – Taffeta had long ago given up on the dream of a family. An ill-fated marriage had produced her one true bright moment with the birth of her daughter Sarah. And unbelievably even that was stolen from her by a legal system that failed to connect the dots and cross the tees.

Taffeta saw Barney as a rich man – his wealth was his large loving family. Oh how Taffeta longed for that.

All Taffeta can do is watch from a distance as her world gets murkier by the day. She has learned that Sarah is living in perilous conditions. Now Taffeta has to step in, but how can she challenge the very system that caused this problem.

Deputy Barney Sterling – yes Anderson shows her sense of humor is alive and well – is immediately attracted to Taffeta even though she hides behind a drab wardrobe. Barney is taken by surprise when Taffeta takes him into her confidence and his reaction is less than gracious.

Desperate people take desperate measures and Taffeta is willing to do anything to protect Sarah. She propositions Barney – a marriage of convenience – could get Sarah back but at personal cost to both of them.

Their eyes are on the prize. Now they just have to convince everyone this marriage is real. Not really that difficult since their attraction is real. But how can you possibly build a life based on lies.

There are great personal conflicts in NEW LEAF. No one does angst better than Catherine Anderson. Anderson fans expect nothing less than the best and once again she scores a direct hit. Personal liabilities and challenges are the basis for NEW LEAF and we are treated to a classy tale of family dynamics at its best. NEW LEAF is a thoughtful study of people putting themselves out to help someone, perhaps even a stranger. But strangers become beloved friends in any Catherine Anderson book and such is the case in NEW LEAF. Be prepared to be deeply touched with this engaging and moving story that feels so real.

Book Blurb for New Leaf

The New York Times bestselling author of Silver Thaw returns to Mystic Creek for a new novel about a love that inspires the courage to start over…and the strength to reclaim a dream.

When Taffeta Brown was viciously betrayed by her wealthy husband, she lost everything—including custody of their daughter, Sarah. Now that Taffy has moved to Mystic Creek, Oregon, to start over, she unexpectedly meets the one man who might help her get Sarah back.

Barney Sterling, a local lawman, finds himself drawn to the lovely, guarded Taffy, but he’s stunned by her proposition—that they marry immediately to improve her chances of regaining custody of her daughter. Barney takes marriage too seriously to commit himself to a woman he hardly knows. Yet soon his sympathies fall with the desperate Taffy, and pretending to be in love becomes the easiest part of the plan. But they have no idea what they’re up against, or what they’re willing to risk to make a miracle come true in Mystic Creek.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.50