Never Too Late

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Never Too Late

Always expect the unexpected. Fans of Robyn Carr know this very well. So now I am challenged to write a review which will be purposely vague as far as plot line is concerned. If not, Carr’s fans will be very upset with me and of course I can't let that happen. Can I?

NEVER TOO LATE is a pretty terrific title for a story especially when you begin to realize how many meanings it can take on. In the case of this newest tale by Robyn Carr, who is definitely one of my favorites, never too late has lots of possibilities, as does life. As long as you are alive you have a chance to make choices and changes, some easier than others. But all hopefully worthwhile. Carr is a believer and an optimist. So you can depend on a story that is ultimately uplifting and heartwarming. Each book I read by this prolific author becomes my favorite. Perhaps that means I am too easy or fickle.

Robyn Carr has an easy writing style and it is never more apparent than in NEVER TOO LATE. This story moves along at an easy pace with so many memorable moments. Just when you think you have the direction figured out Carr pulls out another trick from her sleeve and has you rethinking. Love it. I kept thinking, “oh so that’s how we are going.” And then once again I have to admit that I never saw that coming.

NEVER TOO LATE centers on Clare, her soon to be ex-husband, her hero cop friend and lifelong best friend Pete. For many years Clare and Pete had been estranged because of shared guilt over their betrayal to now deceased Mike – Pete’s older brother and Clare’s future husband. Clare’s marriage is breaking up due to her husbands’ repeated infidelity and of course she is looking into herself for reasons. Add to all that the fact that Clare and her sisters have grappled with their own problems since their mother’s death. All very important factors into why people have image issues. Each sister has found a way to work around that – but in NEVER TOO LATE it would seem we are going to see how their lives will ultimately find a way to mend and move on.

NEVER TOO LATE is a wonderful mesh of several stories that all seem to come back to choices. Every character is developed with care and compassion. Every book by Robyn Carr is a delightful, insightful and realistic look into life. NEVER TOO LATE is a delight to read and will surely occupy a space on everyone’s Robyn Carr shelf.

Book Blurb for Never Too Late

#1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr examines the lives of three sisters as they step beyond the roles of wife, mother, daughter and discover the importance of being a woman first 

Clare Wilson is starting over. She's had it with her marriage to a charming serial cheater. Even her own son thinks she's given his father too many chances. With the support of her sisters, Maggie and Sarah, she's ready to move on. Facing her fortieth birthday, Clare is finally feeling the rush of unadulterated freedom. 

But when a near-fatal car accident lands Clare in the hospital, her life takes another detour. While recovering, Clare realizes she has the power to choose her life's path. The wonderful younger police officer who witnessed her crash is over the moon for her. A man from her past stirs up long-buried feelings. Even her ex is pining for her. With enthusiasm and a little envy, her sisters watch her bloom. 

Together, the sisters encourage each other to seek what they need to be happy. Along the way they all learn that it's never too late to begin again.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50