Midnight Marriage

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Midnight Marriage

Roxton Family Saga Book 1

The one thing any and every girl wants to remember is her wedding night but all Deborah has of that evening is a vague wisp of a dream like vision of late night chaos and two strangers. The youngest being her new husband, the Duke of Roxton's heir. He was the handsomest boy she had ever seen with deep emerald eyes. The other one is quite ancient with the whitest hair and eyebrows and a huge emerald ring. Surely she was dreaming and this was all the effects of whatever drug given to assure them of her complacence during this rushed marriage ceremony. She was after all only twelve years old and hadn't even gone through the usually season being introduced to polite society.

Nine years later would have them meet under very different circumstances. Julian Hesham, the duke's heir, found himself precariously nursing a wound he received from an ill-fated duel. But luck was on his side as he was found by a young boy accompanied by a vision with dark red hair. Not only was this vision a delight to his eyes but he was taken with her wit and honesty and oddly felt bereft when he passed out without getting her name.

Now Deb was no slouch in the pedigree department after all she was a relative to a duke and an heiress herself but she had a history of being an individual with a proclivity for following her own path even if it sometimes didn't fit well with societal norms. Right now she was the caretaker of her nephew whose parentage caused quite a scandal for the elder brother Gerald who wasn't keen on her bringing the lad to his household to raise. As Julian seeks out the young lady who so dutifully tended his wounds he finds himself falling for this engaging woman who although seems attracted to him as well is determined to keep her distance. But as Julian and Deb are engaged in a wonderful game of cat and mouse there is another man who is doggedly pursuing Deb. Robert Thesiger has a dubious background and there is definitely something worrisome lurking. The more people try warning Deb the more she for some reason feels the need to champion Thesiger's cause. Julian realizes that is part of her charm but at the same time is becoming increasingly worried. You see Julian has knowledge of his betrothal to Deb but refuses to come forth until he has the chance to make Deb acknowledge that they are meant to be together. And time isn't necessarily on his side.

Midnight Marriage carries on the Roxton series tradition with still another wonderful tale set in the 1700's where life is anything but simple. Once again we are compelled with the story of a strong minded woman in a time that harbored less regard for the female. Brant's females are never delegated to the parlor - they are front and center. In this engaging story you will once again be reminded why Lucinda Brant's books are such a treasure.

Book Blurb for Midnight Marriage

Stand-Alone Sequel to award-winning Noble Satyr

Twelve-year-old Deborah is married off at midnight to sixteen-year-old Julian, the handsome but volatile heir to the Roxton Dukedom, who then disappears from her life. Nine years later, Julian returns incognito to consummate his marriage before Deborah is seduced into bigamous wedlock with his nemesis half-brother. Can the handsome stranger with whom Deb falls in love be one and the same as the nobleman Polite Society has branded a rakehell? Will Deborah forgive Julian's cruel deception? Can their marriage survive beyond seduction?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50