Love at First Sight

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Love at First Sight

A Cupid, Texas Novel

Some feel love is the elusive thing that everyone searches for. While truly important to one’s life both physically and emotionally there are other abstract things people covet. I can readily think of two – trust and hope. This is a story about finding love but even more important – discovering trust and hope.

Have you ever read a Lori Wilde story? Well now’s a good time to join her fan club. Be prepared to fall in love with LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

So here’s the skinny. There’s this little town called Cupid whose story has probably been stretched all out of proportion over the years but there’s no denying there’s something special there. For generations people have visited this little place to leave notes hoping that in return they will get some vision about where their perfect other is. And the ladies of Natalie McCleary’s family have for generations answered every letter with a hopeful message about finding true love. Needless to say the inhabitants of Cupid are firm believers not only in love but in love at first sight.

No denying the instant attraction between Natalie and the newcomer Dade Vega. To Dade he has just seen an absolute vision of the perfect woman. Natalie has to admit she was just hit by Cupid’s arrow. But Natalie is a practical, intelligent woman who knows better than to believe in love at first sight. But there’s nothing intellectual or practical about love. And as for Dade he has spent most of his life avoiding connections with anyone with one exception his foster brother Red. His philosophy is simple – if you keep your distance from people then they can’t disappoint or hurt you and his life has taught him to trust no one. But Red and Dade have a unique relationship built on shared events and built on a hard won trust.

Red and Dade are survivors who basically depend on no one. But once hearing from Red that he is in trouble Dade drops everything to help and his voyage takes him to Cupid the little hamlet that Red had seemed to find solace. But Dade is really worried about his foster brother and the warrior in him prevents him from taking any one in his confidence about his true reason for coming to this little town. Even growing affection for Natalie hasn’t been a catalyst for revealing his true reason for staying at her family’s B&B.

The stakes are probably the highest personally for Dade. He is in danger of losing the one thing he has protected his entire life – his heart. The struggle is valiant but the longer he stays in Cupid the more connected he becomes with this woman who is beginning to hold his heart in her very loving and capable hands.

Natalie has scars of her own. Her lack of self-confidence over her injury from a tragic car accident has basically left her on the periphery looking at the lives and loves of others. Her few attempts at finding her soul mate have left her feeling rather unworthy and unattractive. What Natalie desperately needs is someone who sees beyond her scars. She finds it totally unnerving to realize that this hunk of a man might just be the man of her dreams. If she opens her heart to Dade will he reciprocate or revert back to his old habit of running.

Dade’s motto is don’t count on anything but be prepared for anything. Dade never counted on Natalie.

Beautifully written and full of love and hope for even the most pragmatic person this is a story about believing. How can you argue with the oft times told stories about Cupid’s arrow finding its mark. It’s all about keeping your mind and heart open to the possibilities. This is the first in Lori Wilde’s new series set in Cupid Texas. Enjoy.

Book Blurb for Love at First Sight

Welcome to Cupid, Texas, where every wish for love comes true…

In her sexy new series of romance novels, New York Times bestselling romance author Lori Wilde, introduces a town where the residents are more than likely to fall in love at first sight.

Passion has been notably lacking in the life of sensible Natalie McCleary. But when ex–Navy SEAL Dade Vega roars into Cupid on his motorcycle, and she stumbles on him stark naked and soaking wet, she suddenly understands what it means to be struck by love. Dade feels it too.

Will he stick around and give them both a happy ending or will this footloose loner move on and leave her heartbroken?

Love at First Sight, told with the humor and spice fans have come to expect from Lori Wilde’s delightful romances, including A Cowboy for Christmas and The Cowboy and the Princess.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.50