Jane's Gift

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Jane's Gift

Lone Pine Lake series Book 1

As a mother the most imperative impulse is to save your children. The unimaginable horror of watching your home engulfed in flames will no doubt cause a person to react in perhaps not the most sensible manner. What you would do in a split second when faced with danger is going to define who you are and most probably affect your future – hopefully with good results. But what happens when the results are a mixed blessing, filled with injuries and guilt over those very split second decisions. That’s what Karen Erickson wants us to understand and in her amazing story telling ability have us almost feel the angst.

Jane is a survivor having just awakened from a medically induced coma to help the process of healing to find out that her world will never be the same. Luckily her three children survived but her husband did not.

We fast forward two years and find Jane and her kids working to get their lives back on a normal path – not an easy task with their wounds still very raw. Moving back home to Lone Pine Lake allowed her the support of her family which she had to admit was very much needed. Jane made a determined effort to hide her scars – physical and emotional. All four of them still harbored a great fear of fires since their ordeal and in an attempt to try and help them start to get beyond those fears Jane’s brother Mac set up a visit to the local fire station where his good friend was the captain. Perhaps they would feel more secure. Meeting Captain Christian Nelson sure made Jane feel something she hadn’t in what felt like a very long time.

Chris had heard all about Jane and her family’s tragic experience. Living in a small town privacy is at a premium and the gossip had already reached him about how the young widow barely survived and is now a single mother of three. Jane had pretty much kept to herself rather diligent in hiding her scars afraid what people’s reaction would be to them. But what Chris had noticed wasn’t Jane’s scars – he noticed a pretty woman with sad eyes. Chris was also fodder for the town gossips as their local playboy.

Definitely not looking for any kind of commitment like marriage and a family, Chris just couldn’t get over how this little group tugged at his heart. He couldn’t deny that he was very attracted to Jane seeing through her attempt to hide behind her hair and clothes. She made him want things that had never crossed his confirmed bachelor mind. And her kids, well they were becoming firmly entrenched in his heart as well.

Somehow Chris knew he wanted to know Jane, surprising him in the process. Here was a fragile woman who innocently made quite an impression on this happily single guy. He was becoming acutely aware that he really wanted the whole little family. But in the back of his mind there was still the wariness of getting hurt. He didn’t believe in marriages, his own family history had taught him that people leave you. The big question was whether he was willing to take a chance on what could be the best thing to happen to him.

This is a story about chances. Taking chances and second chances which is basically what life is all about. Be prepared to fall in love with this endearing group of characters who find a way to celebrate life through the miracle of love.

Book Blurb for Jane's Gift

Lone Pine Lake's resident playboy, fire captain Christian Nelson, is loving his single-guy lifestyle until the quiet, mysterious Jane Clark comes for a tour of the firehouse with her three small children. Chris is immediately drawn to the beautiful woman—even though he's been burned by commitment in the past.

Having lived through a devastating house fire years ago, Jane's hesitant when her brother's best friend, Christian, offers to help quell her family's residual fears. But despite her brother's warnings about his friend's playboy status and dangerous occupation, Jane's heart has other plans.

Each book in the Lone Pine Lake series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.50