How to Color Like an Artist

Colored Pencil Techniques including Blending & Shading

Okay so this is what I learned from chapter one of HOW TO COLOR LIKE AN ARTIST a Dover Publication written by Veronica Winters – coloring in the lines is not a sign that you are an artist or even a good colorist. There is so much to learn about how to get fabulous results that culminate in a sigh worthy design and Veronica Winters breaks down some fundamental steps in ten chapters. Each chapter is beautifully illustrated with step by step explanations on how to get from okay to wow.

At first I didn’t see what difference things like pencil stroke would matter. Of course I knew that pressure on the pencil matters and keeping in the lines is important to keep the integrity of the design. But watching the transformation of sometimes more simplistic designs by the use of these methods is candidly breathtaking. And what I immediate learned was – I haven’t any of these processes in my repertoire and I really want them – bad.

So luckily here is the answer to the colorist prayers for a step by step break down of processes that are guaranteed to up the ante on the quality of your coloring.

Do you remember coloring as a child and loved changing colors to highlight parts of the face, my personal favorite was always the lips, and taking a plain clothing item and making it special or unique with a pattern. Well you are in for a treat with HOW TO COLOR LIKE AN ARTIST. Veronica Winters begins with suggestions for materials that help create the effects that are the secret for their exception result. As a beginner you might decide to just get an inexpensive set of pencils and have fun practicing with colorways and such. And there is nothing wrong with that.

However by splurging on a better quality pencil with the softer core you will be rewarded with a design that contains blending and in HOW TO COLOR LIKE AN ARTIST Veronica Winters clearly illustrates the way to shading, textures and more. And the author includes a copy of the designs used in illustrating the techniques so you can practice these techniques and compare step by step with those in the book.

The book is designed to attract and assist beginner colorist gain some fabulous methods to change a black and white sketch into amazing art. Stretch your imagination wings. Learn some techniques that will change the way you look at that empty canvas. We all have purchased some adult coloring books with the intention of using them as a tool for relaxation – to lessen stress. Well that’s a wonderful idea. But why not reach deep inside for your inner artist by coloring those pages using some or all of the techniques illustrated in HOW TO COLOR LIKE AN ARTIST and bring out your inner artist. Veronica Winters shows us how. We just need to follow her clearly written and photographed steps toward a truly fabulous end product. One I just bet will be frame worthy.

Simply put – every person who is coloring or thinking of coloring needs HOW TO COLOR LIKE AN ARTIST. This is an important addition to your crafts library – one that will be referenced often. Veronica Winters explains each and every process clearly and concisely and even covers choosing colors.

Book Blurb for How to Color Like an Artist

Improve your coloring skills with these simple, step-by-step instructions for techniques using colored pencils. Intended for beginning artists and coloring book enthusiasts, this guide is ideal for those without formal training but with some experience of coloring with pencils. A wealth of suggestions and exercises will show you how to take your skills to the next level.

Discover how to create volume with such shading techniques as crosshatching, long and short strokes, and color gradation. Learn how to form unique textures that add detail to images. Practice blending techniques and layering one color at a time to control values and colors effectively. Full-color photographs throughout the book illustrate each method as well as lessons in color theory. Eight practice pages from Dover's bestselling Creative Haven® series of coloring books provide the opportunity to test your new techniques.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50