Forever a Hero

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Forever a Hero

Carsons of Mustang Creek

Mace Carson wouldn’t ever call himself a hero – he was a man – a good steady one that happened to be at the right place at the right time. In Kelly’s case that coincidence happened twice in her life and in each case this man was her savior – her hero.

FOREVER A HERO is filled to the rafters with old friends from this series. Here’s the thing – the Linda Lael Miller magical talent. When Linda Lael Miller includes an old friend she craftily inserts some background in the form of reminiscence. Then the reader’s memory is lovingly jogged and an instant smile appears. It’s ordained – you can’t avoid that Linda Lael Miller grin. So even if you’ve – heaven forbid – missed a book or so in the Carson’s of Mustang Creek series the author makes sure you are still connected.

FOREVER A HERO is Mace and Kelly’s story which is very unique. Mace was her hero on their college campus when he took action and prevented what certainly would have been a rape. Not only did Mace pull the rapist off Kelly but he got the guy arrested and acted as a witness in the trial. Case closed. Well maybe.

But here we are ten years later and Kelly is on a mission. The company she works for wants Mace’s wine company. This could be the deal that gets Kelly that promotion she covets. From Mace’s point of view – no way. However that is his business head talking. He loves his wine making business – it totally suits him and he has no intention of selling Mountain Winery. But he isn’t averse to keeping Kelly around a little longer. Perhaps give him a chance to get to know her better. Mace and Kelly have never had time or opportunity to know anything about each other – and Mace is really interested in finding out why he is so attracted to this woman who is basically a stranger.

The Carson family is only too happy to include Kelly as soon as they realize that she has definitely caught Mace’s eye. That in itself is an interesting event. Mace has been reluctant to put his heart on the line. His brothers have settled down. Mace would like what they have but he isn’t willing to settle for less than the real thing. So that is why keeping Kelly in Mustang Creek is important. Sure she thinks she is hopefully getting through to Mace and ultimately bring home the contract to her company. Mace has no intention of that happening. My bet is on Mace. This is one tall strong kind cowboy and Kelly would be foolish to walk away from this deal – the one with her heart on the line.

I have totally enjoyed each story in this series. The characters practically jumped off the page. Each one unique and totally charismatic. Just wait till you meet them all. That’s why this is a bittersweet moment. Knowing this is the last of the Carson family series. Linda Lael Miller once again regales her readers with a heartwarming adventure replete with a bit of mystique, lots of family fun, love, romance and humor. All rolled into one lovely series that culminates with FOREVER A HERO.

Book Blurb for Forever a Hero

For the youngest Carson brother, finding—and fixing—trouble seems to be all in a day's work 

Mace Carson doesn't consider himself a hero. Back in college, he came upon a woman in trouble and intervened—but he was just one irate Wyoming cowboy with his boots planted firmly on the side of right. Now a successful vintner, Mace is shocked to be reunited with the woman he saved. But it turns out she's in Wyoming on business…a corporate executive representing the company that wants to buy his winery. Only he's not selling. 

Kelly Wright has never forgotten that horrible night ten years ago when Mace came to her rescue…has never forgotten him. The surprising success of a winery in the middle of ranch country has brought her to Mustang Creek, and she's secretly thrilled to discover Mace at the helm. Reluctant to mix business with pleasure, Kelly vows to keep things professional, until her attacker is released from prison and comes for vengeance…against both of them.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 4.50