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Serendipity Series, #2

Reading a Carly Phillips book generally involves catching yourself saying OMG - you're kidding, hopefully not aloud if you're in public. Her books are like a bar of chocolate - when you get to the last bite/page you can't help but want more. Luckily there is still one more story in this trilogy that started with Serendipity. Each story can definitely stand on its own but why miss out on yet another stand out book by Phillips.

Is there really anything called destiny or is it fate working for or against you. The death of their parents sent the Barron brothers lives in a tail spin. Ethan abruptly left town leaving Nash and Dare to the foster child system and unfortunately they were split each going to a different household. Somehow they all survived and actually prospered in their own way and are once again all back together in Serendipity with Ethan having returned but their relationship remained fractured by their past. From the point of his parent's death and ultimate separation from Dare, Nash's life was filled with rage, guilt and remorse which shaped the adult he morphed into - a man who needed to be in control. He was dependable and stepped up to face challenges and couldn't or wouldn't accept less from others. You might call him judgmental but he was most harsh on himself. If something didn't turn out well he placed the blame on himself - what more could he have done - a pretty tall order and it made it difficult for others to breach this barrier. The brothers have been reunited with a sister Tess that they never knew existed. Tess's sister Kelly had brought them all together in an attempt to get Tess's life under control. Kelly felt utterly defeated by how her attempts to take care of Tess during their mother's absence fell horribly short. She hoped the Barron brothers would be more successful but this act would erode her waning confidence. There was no denying an attraction between Nash and Kelly but Nash's continued angst over Ethan's abandonment made it almost impossible for them to publicly acknowledge these feelings. Of course neither looked toward the possibility of a true commitment and their unscheduled trysts were leaving Kelly on one level truly satisfied but on a deeper one still alone and on the outside. The Barron brothers including Tess were a family. Kelly's goal had been reached - Tess was on a stable track. But where did that leave Kelly who was regretfully honest with herself that once her well-guarded secret was made public her time with Nash would be over. But Kelly wasn't the only one with secrets and as several interesting facts surface Nash's world is being shaken to its core. Everything he believed all these years is in doubt.

Just when you think you know the whole story another puzzle piece appears and brings with it even more insight into the destiny of these brothers. Destiny can't be altered or can it?

Book Blurb for Destiny

Nash Barron's relationship with his older brother Ethan is a fraught with anger, resentment and complications, but he does want to forge a bond with their newly discovered young half-sister, Tess. With Ethan and his wife away on their honeymoon, Nash thinks he finally has a chance at doing just that. But his already tenuous relationship with Tess is complicated when Kelly Moss moves into Ethan's home to stay with Tess during the honeymoon trip. Tess's older half-sister from her mother's side of the family is a temptation Nash doesn't need.

The barriers Nash has built around himself prevent him from being hurt by Ethan again, but it also prevents him from forming close relationships with Tess and Kelly. Getting past Nash's walls becomes a personal challenge for Kelly, and their attraction slowly helps Nash to open up. But when a secret from Kelly's past emerges, Nash will need to look beyond it to the woman she has become or it could destroy the relationship they've built.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 5.00