Callie's Honor

It's not like he suffered from wanderlust it was most like he was a nomad. No real place to call home so he seemed committed to remaining unattached from people especially women. Early life alone with his twin Luke didn't really prepare Rafe Millar for any other kind of life and yet upon meeting Callie he recognized a kind, innocent soul badly bruised by life who needed someone to watch over her even though she adamantly and repeatedly proclaimed her independence. But his first goal was revenge on the murderer of Luke.

He had his sights on the Denzell boys and their father but wouldn't act until he had the proof he needed. Problem was the Denzell's seemed to have this town in their pocket which meant Rafe would have to be extra cautious and trust no one. Callie was the first person he met and if he were completely honest his motives were less than innocent. She lived on property abutting the Denzell's which could prove advantageous. Gaining her trust wasn't something he expected to do easily and yet Callie seemed cautiously accepting of his offer to help around her ranch. Callie was determined never again be the property of any man. She learned firsthand from her father and brother and most recently from her deceased husband that she didn't fare well with men who drank and took out their frustration and anger on women. But a woman alone on a ranch had to be extra careful and rely on her instincts for survival.

Callie's instincts concerning Rafe were that he certainly wasn't who he professed to me but she didn't seem to fear him and so she rather reluctantly did bring down her guard. This was an interesting development considering she had to constantly be alert to dangers and possible threats from Denzell and various community members who seemed indebted to him. It was public knowledge that her land was being sought after by Denzell but considering that he already owned most of the ranch lands Callie didn't understand the attraction of her little bit. But it was hers and she was set on keeping it even in light of numerous veiled threats.

Due to unforeseen events Sean winds up spending much more time than he would have guessed in the company of Callie and he liked what he saw. He worried over her safety which left him at odds with his personal goal to ferret out Luke's murderer. Something truly sinister was going on and more than just Callie's honor was at stake here.

Pioneering woman had to be strong and yet as women longed for the right man to come along who would make them safe and loved. The lawless man of the hour in this story surprises us all and yet shows us once again that civilized men can come from all walks of life. Plus happy endings require just the right amount of kindness and trust mixed with love. Callie's Honor is a great western romance to while away the day.

Book Blurb for Callie's Honor

After her husband's unmourned death, Callie Lambert looks forward to peaceful years on her Oregon ranch, doing things her way. Yet all too soon a handsome stranger shows up, a man who chips away at her façade without even trying and turns her dreams of solitude upside down. Rafe Millar seeks only revenge for his brother's murder, and then he will move on. Settling down is not for him, not anymore. But something in Callie's defiant green eyes and proud spirit makes him care more than he wants to—until he discovers the murdering scoundrel is not only Callie’s neighbor but a rival for her hand in marriage.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.50