Quick-Fix Indian

Easy, Exotic Dishes in 30 Minutes or Less

I have to admit, I was skeptical when I selected Ruta Kahate’s Quick-Fix Indian Cookbook. Not because of any reason I’d read about Ms. Kahate. On the contrary, I’d never acquainted myself with her before. No, the skepticism was my inability to follow a recipe. I still have to read the instant oatmeal packet instructions before popping them into the microwave – every time.

I admit, I’ve played in the kitchen on occasion because I do like to pretend I can get creative to impress my husband who pretends to be impressed. However, never would I attempt to make a dish as intense as Indian food…way too complicated for even my courageous efforts. Wasn’t I in for a pleasant surprise? Oh my goodness. I love Indian food but outside of my favorite sit-down at our local restaurant, I would never try it at home. Ms. Kahate changed all that. What a delightful experience it was to discover the many recipes in Quick-Fix Indian which made cooking my own delectable meals not only fabulous but so easy, it truly became my “cooking for dummies” moment. Just reading through the pages had me uttering some aha renderings and the fruits of my labor resulted in such amazing dishes, I felt like I somehow cheated on a test or something.

There’s a section in the book called, SHOPPING LIST DEMYSTIFIED, that was simply amazing and the instructions throughout this fabulous book has made the impossibilities in the kitchen, well…possible.

I suppose if there was any cons about Quick-Fix Indian, it would be the lack of full photo pictures to peruse the lovely dishes being featured but frankly, since I’m able to bring those colorful dishes to life without having to rely on salivating pictures, it’s really not important.

I highly recommend this little gem of a cookbook for anyone. It certainly takes the mystery out of all those cooking utensils I’ve had for years but hadn’t utilized. Thank you Ruta Kahate for showing me and my husband that I truly can cook.

Book Blurb for Quick-Fix Indian

For too long, Indian cuisine has been perceived as complex and time-consuming to prepare. Quick-Fix Indian aims at making Indian cooking accessible to everybody--the beginner, the experienced cook, absolutely anyone wanting to try his or her hand at a new cuisine.

The 125 dishes in Quick-Fix Indian are modern and fresh, yet rooted in tradition. These recipes are identifiable as Indian, but that's where the familiarity ends--most of these recipes haven't been seen before, anywhere.

While the dishes are simple to make, they are by no means simplistic. They are bright, modern, and complex tasting, belying the fact that they only took 30 minutes or less to prepare. The recipes range from quick breakfasts and soups, to curries, snacks, and sweet drinks. Some of the recipes included are: Red Potato and Chickpea Salad with Pomegranate Seeds, Green Masala Lamb Curry, Beet Raita with Cilantro and Lemon, Sweet Rice with Saffron and Sultanas, Scrambled Eggs with Coconut and Curry Leaves, Pan Fried Eggplant with Ginger, Coriander Shrimp with Green Zucchini and Red Chiles, and kid favorite Banana Fritters.

While most of the recipes use easy-to-acquire ingredients, there are a few that will require a trip to a health-food or Indian store. As an added bonus, the book also lists 'exotic' substitutions for readers who'd like to try them. For example, mustard oil adds a special zing to the Sprouted Mung Bean Salad, but canola oil works just fine.

And finally, this cookbook is fun. Written in a lighthearted manner, Quick-Fix Indian amuses readers while also providing solid information.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 5.00