My Favorite Cowboy

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My Favorite Cowboy

Harlequin American Romance #1349

Simply adorable! Sexy, cute, mixed with humor, what more could a reader ask for in a journey of love between two people? The little twists Ms. Galloway inserts into the story are just delightful. Jarred is a tall, gorgeous cowboy yet there exists some flaws in this hero. Flaws the heroine, Serena, needs to he can hook-up with someone else. Light-hearted and wonderful yet with a surprising depth of emotion, it literally caught me by surprise. An extremely satisfying read sets the ending up in a cloud of perfection. It was not hard to find a favorite in Shelley Galloway's, My Favorite Cowboy.

Book Blurb for My Favorite Cowboy

Rugged, rough and rowdy, Jarred Riddell is everything a cowboy should be. That's the problem. 'Cause Jarred has set his sights on a pretty lil' socialite who has no use for his unrefined ways. Luckily, he has a plan: get the local librarian to whip him into charm-school shape and that city gal will fall right into his gentlemanly arms.

But coconspirator Serena Higgens has more on her mind than proper manners. She's pined for years after the sweet, hardworking rancher who lacks a bit of polish. To earn some much-needed cash, she'll put her feelings aside and give Jarred a crash course in respectability. Besides, throwing out mud-caked boots and correcting double negatives should help Serena get over her crush. It's the perfect situation…until Jarred adds kissing to the lesson plan! 

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.75