Let It Rain

Lacey's Lamp, #1

Be careful what you ask for! A discontented Blair is given an opportunity to voice a wish to take her away from her current lonely and bored existence. Scott is her unsuspecting husband and is unaware of Blair’s desires until it is too late…or is it?

Welcome to Lacy’s Lamp. Let It Rain by Arlene Webb is a delightful beginning to a twelve-month anthology featuring different authors…

Ms. Webb ignites the light on Lacy’s Lamp and turns a page-turner into an inferno of heated imagination. Wild and impactful, Let It Rain is no hum-drum story-line. On the contrary, it teases and challenges the imagination to the tune of strange and bizarre. I love how Blair’s world is radically flipped into disconcerting bewilderment while taking the reader on a fast-paced journey of humor and yes, sex. Tons of sex. This short story is most likely the answer to the quintessential question, what happens when a deprived woman denied the attention she craves is suddenly handed free rein to what her frustrated… um, heart is craving? I recommend this book but I have to warn or pleasantly inform (depending on individual tastes) the heat level is a bit elevated. Well done Ms. Webb.

Book Blurb for Let It Rain

Let it Rain begins a monthly, twelve story different author anthology, each concerning the adventures of those who visit Lacey's Lamp.

He doesn't give a damn about me. Lonely and bored, Blaire steps out of the sizzling sunny day into Lacey's Lamp expecting a cool drink, not to be asked what she thirsts for more than anything else. Captivated by the festive light dancing in the barkeep's gaze, she spits out the first silly thing that comes to mind. Unfortunately as thunderclouds gather, Blaire learns how dangerous wishes can be.

When Scott opens the door of a strange shop, the man behind the counter asks what he yearns for. Scott throws caution aside and goes for the shooting star, tossing every coin he has in the well, blowing out all the birthday candles, as he speaks from his heart. She still loves me, right? After the clouds burst, Scott comes to understand how erotic genuine desire can be.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 5.00