Identity Thief

Identity Thief explores the dark provocation of deception while challenging the true honesty that lives within human nature. It’s a perilous look on how others see us and how we see ourselves.

Milo James Fowler shocks the imagination as he winds his narrative around the fanatic guise of a serial killer with some serious identity issues. I was mesmerized by the thin line between the physical mask a scarred face might adorn versus the emotional scars camouflaged in our minds. Mr. Fowler has provided a clever depiction of social rejection whether it be a belief of self-perceived abhorrence or through obscurity. I also have to admit to a bit of discomfort, bringing to mind the psychological mask I too, find myself wearing at times. Believe me, it was unsettling to find myself between the pages, yet the feeling I was the subject is undeniable. Although a short story, I would have to say Identity Thief is not so much something you read as much as it is something you experience. Mr. Fowler did an excellent job in taking me to a place, although not eager to be there, I can attest to never having been before. My only complaint is I wanted more from this exploration long after the final sentence was absorbed. I highly recommend Identity thief.

Book Blurb for Identity Thief

How safe is your identity? You shred your bank statements, refuse to buy anything online, avoid sharing your social security number in public. You think you're so secure.

I've been watching you.

And I think your face will look amazing in my closet.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 5.00