Cereal Killer

Elizabeth Hart’s job can - at times, cause dissension between her and a certain cop who also happens to be her neighbor…a very sexy neighbor. Practical jokes set the stage for this hoped for romance as Elizabeth seeks to overcome Andrew Baird’s hang-up on their age difference.

I must say, I can certainly see Elizabeth’s fascination for Andrew. Not only is he sexy but he also totes that cop-attitude I find so appealing. The practical jokes keep the story light-hearted despite the search for the “bad-guy” and Elizabeth is an extremely strong personality giving back as good as she gets. The story did leave me yearning for more and I had no problem turning the pages. I was amused at Elizabeth’s inner frustrations with Andrew and found myself smiling while rooting for her to best him in humor and overcoming his emotional reluctance towards romance. I recommend Ms. Hart’s - Cereal Killer as a delightfully cute short story with attitude.

Book Blurb for Cereal Killer

Elizabeth Hart enjoys her high-powered job and her lakeside home but is tired of Officer Andrew Baird's hands-off policy. A mere ten year age gap is no reason for refusing romance, is it?

As Andrew searches for the motive behind a young woman's death, Elizabeth carefully plots her revenge against the handsome man who treats her as a younger sister. By using Andrew's penchant for practical jokes against him, she learns how to pursue truth, justice, and the handsome cop next door.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00