Bride of the Night

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Bride of the Night

It has been awhile since I fell in love with a hero in a book, but that certainly changed when Ms. Graham introduced Pinkerton Detective Finn Dunne to the world. Sexy and charismatic, the conflict between him and the strong and beautiful Tara Fox is electrifying. I also appreciated how clever facts of history are inserted throughout the story and I became frequently jolted on how fast those pages kept turning. Bride of the Night is a pleasant surprise with a unique story-line. The way the scenes are written, I could easily imagine myself there. Its hats off to Ms. Graham in delivering an "out of the box" read that is original and entertaining. Of course, I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to indulge and lose themselves for a few hours, travel back in time, and discover a whole new world.

Book Blurb for Bride of the Night

She's the vampire that could destroy a nation.

At least, that's what Pinkerton detective Finn Dunne thinks of Tara Fox. Capturing her aboard a ship sneaking its way northward, he's convinced she's been sent to take out President Lincoln. While she's certainly the most attractive assassin he's ever faced, that won't keep him from his duty.

Tara has always been caught between worlds. As a vampire born and raised in Key West, she has many friends among the humans. Many friends that are now fighting and dying in the raging Civil War.

When her strange dreams began, she thought of them as abstract visions. But she now knows that she must travel to Washington, D.C., and protect the president at all costs. Finn still won't trust her, despite what he's seen. And if Tara has to go through him—or bring reinforcements—to save Lincoln, she will do whatever it takes, even if it costs her her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 5.00