The Hoax

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The Hoax

Adrienne Jones spins a masterful tale of suspense, mystery and intrigue with The Hoax. From start to finish The Hoax was a "couldn't-put-it-down" book. With fully dimensional characters and a plot line loaded with twists and turns, Jones tells a compelling story of three friends embroiled in a Messiah hoax that will turn the world on its ear.

I don't want to give away spoilers so suffice it to say that almost no one in the story is who they seem and secrets and ulterior motives abound. There is also a biting underlying parable to The Hoax about man's gullibility and the exploitation of his desire to serve something greater.

I'd love to see this book done as a feature film! But until some sharp-eyed producer discovers this gem, you can and should put it on your keeper shelf.

Book Blurb for The Hoax

Bored accountant, Joey Duvaine, needed a career change. World domination seemed like a fun gig.

Allowing himself to become a puppet in his genius friend’s religious con, Joey plays his part in a fraudulent miracle devised by a private special effects team. As the media and the public are divided on whether he’s a modern prophet or a clever scam artist, an FBI agent becomes interested in Joey’s financial transactions, possible terrorist motives, and the overnight popularity of his new cult.

But the agent’s investigation leads him down a path he’s unprepared for, as Joey’s benefactors have barbarous motives beyond the smokescreen of the hoax, and for them, humanity is merely a disguise.

New Revised Edition!

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00