You, Me & Dupree

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You, Me & Dupree

In this futuristic world, the vampires and humans live together peacefully under a vampire covenant and human government guidelines. With only male births among vampires, the leaders devised a program that will mate one female for every two male vampires. Darius and Dupree are mercenaries for the Covenant and have been lovers while waiting patiently for their chosen mate.

Sin Carter is their chosen mate and is requested by the human government to meet and become intimately familiar with the two vampires that have been found to be her most compatible. Though it's an acceptable practice, all parties involved must agree to the bonding. Dupree knows that Sin is the perfect mate and sets out to prove to his partner Darius and to Sin that they are meant to be together. This starts an erotic weekend of scorching lovemaking that will leave your heart pounding in excitement. Will this database trio find eternal love?

You, Me & Dupree has a fascinating premise that will capture the readers attention and curl your toes with the tantalizing love scenes. Jade James has written a fantastic short story with sexy characters in a unique coexisting world of vampires and humans. The story flowed smoothly with enough depth to get the full enjoyment of a great and enjoyable read. This is an erotic story with m/f/m m‚nage and m/m sex. If it's not your thing then..sorry, you're missing a good story.

Book Blurb for You, Me & Dupree

In 3050, all women must register in a database created to help the all-male population of vampires find their true mates. And for every set of vampires, there's only one woman. Sin Carter understands all of that and is more than ready to get hot and heavy with Darius and Dupree. But can a database really find a love match?

According to the rules of their covenant and in agreement with the government, Darius and Dupree must now travel to Fantasy House to meet their match: Sin. Instant attraction explodes between the trio. Dupree is all for giving Sin a chance, but Darius is skeptical that a threesome can live happily ever after.

Now Dupree has one wild weekend to prove that they are eternal mates.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal intercourse, male/male sexual situations, m‚nage (m/f/m).

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 3.50