Wyatt's Chance

This is a great book that has everything I like in a great read. You get the sexy and tough alpha male hero and the smart, strong willed, and brave heroine that is more than a match for him.

Wyatt is fighting demons literally. His past is clouded with forgotten memories that are now playing a dangerous part in his life. Chance is the girl he grew up with and has loved most of his life, but also felt betrayed by. When they meet again their emotions are intense with anger, hurt, desire, and the pain from a love that never died. With danger all around them, they must fight to keep their love while outside forces are trying to destroy them.

This story has many unexpected plot twists that kept me intrigued page after page. I also liked the blend of old Cherokee lore within the plot and how she shows that prejudice and hatred can be just as evil as any demon. There are many scorching love scenes and character emotions that you carry with you even after the story ends. This is a lifetime keeper and re-reader that I loved.

Book Blurb for Wyatt's Chance

Wyatt Nashoba is a warrior, a man without fear. At least that's the picture he presents to the members of his Navy SEAL team. He's a stone-cold killer with a reputation as a woman magnet, and needing no one. But appearances can be deceiving. Wyatt is a man torn by love and betrayal. His only need, his one weakness is Chance—a woman from his past he can never have, can never trust. She ripped his heart out with her betrayal and he has vowed never to look upon her again.

Chance never expected to hear from Wyatt. Especially not in the middle of the night, sounding afraid and unsure. The call serves to bring feelings she'd never escaped back to the surface. She's been his as long as she can remember and no matter how much he shuns her, she has to find him. Help him.

Wyatt will be forced to see her and face the old feelings that have haunted him for years, because something inside him, an entity of violence and lust, is fighting for control of his mind. And his only chance of survival depends on the love of Wyatt's Chance.

Note: Story contains some scenes of graphic violence and rape.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 5.00