Woven Dreams

Third in the Tapestries series.

Woven Dreams is the third book in N.J. Walters Tapestries series and this one is sure to leave you panting in excitement. In Javara the men outnumber the women, so every woman marries at least 2 men. Jarmon and Garrik Bakra are twins with hopes of finding a wife that is willing to live and love them. Genny is running away from abusive brothers and is found by Jarmon and Garrik. What the twins don't know is that she is the sister to their bitterest enemy. When their passions collide, the twins know they must convince her to be their bride. They overwhelm her with some of the most erotic love and tender feelings in which she can't help but fall in love with them. She fears the coming battle between their families but they won't let her run from her brothers or them.

I loved the depth of emotions the Bakra twins have. Genny proves to be a strong woman whose survived much abuse at the hands of men and yet is still a gentle soul with undiscovered passions. The sexual tension throughout the story will leave you gasping while the erotic love burns your senses. This is a wickedly delightful read and one that I never wanted to end. This story will stand alone but I recommend reading the first two novels in the tapestry series also. All are sure to leave you hot and bothered with N.J. Walters' exceptional talent for writing great stories with memorable characters and erotic encounters. Woven Dreams is a great book that will please your senses. I loved it and will be waiting for more novels from this author.

Book Blurb for Woven Dreams

Third in the Tapestries series.

In Javara, women are scarce and brothers must share a woman, although only one can claim her as a wife. Scarred and maimed from a battle fought almost a year ago, Jarmon Bakra is afraid chances are slim that he and his twin brother, Garrik, will find a bride.

While on a hunting trip, the brothers stumble upon a woman claiming to be a tapestry bride. Now that fate has dropped a beautiful, courageous woman in their path, they will both use all their sexual skills separately and together to convince her to stay.

But Genny has secrets of her own and they have only three days to uncover the truth.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.50