Wolf Tales V

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Wolf Tales V

Number 5 - aka V

Wolf Tales V is the latest Chanku novel that brings us two erotic tales of finding love, family and the Chanku heritage along with an intriguing plot from the creative mind of Kate Douglas. Ulrich Mason has loved and lost with no expectations of ever finding another bondmate to fill the rest of his lonely years. He is sent to find out if Millie West is one of the unknowing Chanku and whether to bring her into the pack. What he finds is a desirable, middle aged woman with a painful past and full of unleashed desires that arouses the sensual side of his wolf nature with a need to claim her as his mate. Can Millie accept her heritage and a love that happens even in the silver years? Baylor Quinn is tracking the reported `wolf girl' to find out if she is Chanku. His hopes of finding his own mate may be met when he finds Manda, who is hiding from the world and herself. Manda thinks herself a freak of nature until Bay shows up with his incredible story about who and what she is. Traumatic events caused by a man wanting to control the Chanku, has left Manda mentally scarred and terrified by her own mysterious nature. Can she get past those tragic years and trust Bay with her body and soul? Will both women find acceptance and a place in the Chanku family?

It was wonderful to read about how love enraptures the younger Chanku as with Bay and Manda, and how it can be found again in a couple that is creeping past their middle age, like Ulrich and Millie. The heroes are strong, loyal pack members that know how to tantalize their mates with erotic pleasure and a loving embrace. The heroines are molded from troubled pasts and circumstances that their lovers will have to overcome. Wolf Tales V has a great erotic love story with more unfolding links leading the pack to others of their kind, and the outside force that threatens the Chanku race. It's a red-hot read full of all the decadent pleasures and breathtaking emotions that the Wolf Tales series has ensnared me with. Kate Douglas also has more Chanku stories coming out with Sexy Beast IV and in Wolf Tales VI which I can't wait to add to my Wolf Tales collection. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Wolf Tales V

Two Couples, One Wicked Passion. Welcome To The Wild Side Of Love...

Life hasn't always been easy for strong-willed Millie West, but it's been a hell of a lot simpler without romantic entanglements. Millie finds her pleasure when and where she wants it, although what she's gotten from regular guys has never been quite enough. When she meets Ulrich Mason, she finally learns why. Imbued with the sexual prowess of the Chanku pack, Ulrich is the perfect partner to help Millie embrace the birthright that has been denied her for too long. But will the very ritual that binds them in ultimate pleasure reveal secrets that could destroy them both...?

Like his pack brother, Taylor Quinn is on a mission to bring a Chanku female into the fold -- but his quarry is far wilder than any he has yet encountered. Caught in a feral limbo between woman and wolf, Manda is scarred by the cruelty of a world that has never understood her. It will take patience, compassion, and the healing hand of a master lover to help Manda embrace her own sensual powers -- and the mate who loves her beyond measure...

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.50