Wolf Tales IV

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Wolf Tales IV

Book IV

Wolf Tales IV is a lusciously arousing tale that will captivate your senses and send you heart racing with erotic delight. The Chanku heritage is being found in more people and the pack is sending out Tinker McClintock to see if Lisa Quinn possesses the special ability to shapeshift. Lisa has finally found a job that she feels more content with, but knows there is something missing in her life. She discovers her Chanku abilities when Tinker initiates her into the world of Chanku by sharing his knowledge, body, soul and his pack with her. Their sensual journey will leave you breathless when Lisa and Tinker share their special link with Tia and Luc, who we met in a previous novel, and the emotional and sexual ties that bind them all is hot enough to melt steel.

The engaging plot will keep you intrigued with memorable characters and the mysterious disappearances of wolves from the sanctuary that Lisa works for. There is danger all around them as Lisa, Tinker, Tia and Luc follow the trail of deceit that peaks into an exciting ending. Kate Douglas has penned another sinfully delicious tale of the Chanku that will leave you hot, bothered and wanting more from her sexy shapeshifters.

It's a fantastic read that I highly recommend and a definite keeper. It will go on my self beside the other Wolf Tales novels in my collection. I can't wait for the next one!

Book Blurb for Wolf Tales IV


When Tinker McClintock is assigned to track down a young woman who has no idea of her Chanku heritage, he intends it to be a job like any other. But wolf rescue specialist Lisa Quinn arouses in him an intense and immediate attraction that cannot be denied. Her innocent beauty belies a passionate soul and white-hot desire that demands to be satisfied again and again. And she will soon undergo a change that will awaken sensations beyond anything she's ever imagined...

Unaware of her own shapeshifting powers, Lisa is totally dedicated to her work and determined to discover why wolves have been disappearing from her sanctuary. The mysterious Tinker may be just the man to help her learn the truth-even as he proves the perfect partner to indulge her every sensual fantasy. As shared ecstasy brings Tinker and Lisa ever closer, the lines between danger and passion will blur. And by the light of the full moon, all will be revealed...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 5.00