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Wicked is a breathtaking novel that takes you on an erotic journey as Lara Fox pushes the boundaries of her sex life with an irresistible bad boy and Dom, Karl Dawson. Karl is drawn to Lara and her confident, self-reliant attitude, and wants the pleasure of showing her the submissive side that he sees in her. Lara is willing to try anything once and her desires for Karl soon unleashes a storm of erotic delights that brings out the personal demons in them both. It's a battle of will and emotions, but Karl is determined to show Lara that sex games aside, there was more between them that Dom and sub. Can he convince a strong independent woman to submit to the man inside him that wants to keep her forever?

Sasha White writes an astonishingly wicked tale of eroticism that will show you the D/s lifestyle and that a meaningful romance can be built outside of it. The battle of wills and the watershed of emotions that come between Karl and Lara will have your heart pounding in excitement. This story will hold your attention not only with the edgy sex scenes, but also with the fragile emotions that build this into a wonderful romance. This is a delicious read that has whetted my appetite for more of Sasha White's novel and I will eagerly look for her other titles. So if you're looking for a naughty romance, then Wicked is sure to satisfy those desires.

Book Blurb for Wicked

The sizzling new novel from a new star in the world of erotica. By day, Karl Dawson is a jaded divorce attorney. By night he's a restless "dominant" in underground sex clubs. A tough, whip-cracking challenge like Lara Fox is a fantasy come true. She's just as strong-willed, and just as unprepared for where their experiments in control will take them.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.50