Touch of Lightning

Cavanaugh Family series, #2

Touch of Lightning is the second book in a series set in the mountains of West Virginia.

Three sisters with special gifts find themselves drawn to the small town of Mystic Waters and embroiled in a hunt for a teenage boy. This story centers on Haven and Logan. Logan is in Mystic Waters following a death in the family and ends up staying in the same cabin that Haven is staying at. There is the sizzle of attraction and magic in the air when these two are together. Both have ties to the people in the town.

Logan is a doctor that heals with the tools in his hands. Haven is a nurse that can heal with her hands, or she used to before things starting going haywire. Haven knows she must keep her gift a secret but it is hard to do when she can’t keep her hands off the handsome doctor that sets her heart aflame. Logan lets his emotions go and falls hard for Haven. Their passion sweeps them both into an affair with a troubling future. Logan is very self-assured and knows what he wants—Haven, while Haven is dealing with a problematic gift and the emotions that Logan has brought out in her. Both of these characters are complex and they pull you into the twisting plot with fascinating secondary characters. With each story in this series we find out a little more about the sisters, the town of Mystic Waters, and the eclectic group of people that live there. We get to see a bit more of what the missing teenager is going through and the messed-up mind of his kidnapper. I am looking forward to reading the next one in this series and discovering more about the sisters and the town they are now a part of. It is best to read the books in order starting with Mystic Thunder.

Book Blurb for Touch of Lightning

Three identical sisters…

Three individual mystical gifts…

And three thousand years of warnings to never fall in love…

Millennia of tempestuous ancestral history forewarn Haven Cavanaugh to hide her ability to heal others with the heat from her hot little hands.

But…when she loses her gift, then it comes back in a darker, scarier form once Haven moves to Mystic Waters, West Virginia, she finds herself afraid to touch a man whose pull she can’t deny.

Every time she dares…he ends up getting scorched!

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00