To Kiss a Gargoyle

A truly delightful story! I enjoyed reading this short novel immensely. This is a woman's fantasy come to life.

Marcy has been fantasizing and dreaming about the gorgeous gargoyle outside her office window for years. Now at the point of obsession she must touch him. Although she has dreamed of him awakening to her touch and kiss, it was a shock when it actually happened. Leonardo has perched silently outside Marcy's window for years and has heard her talk of her longings and desires. When Marcy frees him from a witches curse he is once more able to be a man, although still a gargoyle bound to the night. The intense desire and longing brings them to an explosive passion that both never want to end.

Marcy's character pulled me into her fantasy and made me wish for my own fantasy lover as sexy as Leonardo. It is a very hot short story and a keeper.

Book Blurb for To Kiss a Gargoyle

Marcy Townsend is obsessed. Sultry nights spent in the arms of Leonardo, her dream lover, are what she craves most in life. Only he can fulfill her deepest desires. There's only one problem—Leonardo, the "man" of her dreams, is a gargoyle statue outside her high-rise office window.

Marcy can't get him out of her mind and her passionate longing for him drives her into a frenzy of need, unable to do or think of anything but him. Until one night she risks everything to see if the lover of her dreams is, in fact, trapped inside the statue.

A simple kiss, a caress, and a startling revelation shocks Marcy, sending her toppling off Leonardo's ledge, to plunge to a certain death.

But when a winged man saves her, Marcy realizes that kissing a gargoyle was a risk worth taking, as her hottest fantasies—and Leonardo—come to life.


Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.50